Watch Mr. Roy Neuberger’s Analysis of the News


by Rabbi Yair Hoffman

Roy Neuberger brings a unique perspective to current events, that follows the Chofetz Chaim’s own take on current events.  It is a perspective we should all share.  Mr. Neuberger grew up in Central Park as the son of one of the leading finance experts in the United States and made his way to a Torah way of life. To subscribe to his videos send an email to  [email protected]



  1. Roy should consider becoming a commenter in the comments sections of YWN and its Coffee Room, as Mr. Neuberger’s personal opinions and analysis is as worthwhile as any of our hundreds of other commentators here.

  2. another voice…..I believe at the present time the voice of our mothers grandmothers wives etc…..women have a far better clutch on reality than what I read here…shame on all of you

  3. Joseph,

    If that’s meant to be a snarky slap at Roy, you should humbly contemplate that with great effort and Siyata Dishmaya, he has actually succeeded in every area of life and doesn’t need to pretend to have done so, as some unfortunately do. His personal opinions and analysis are generally a cut above those of any of the hundreds of other commentators here.