Matan Kahana: “Chareidi Veto Against Me Comes From The Likud”

Religious Affairs Minister Matan Kahana (Danny Shem Tov/Knesset spokesperson)

Deputy Religious Affairs Minister Matan Kahana claims that the Chareidi boycott on him stems “from unknown elements in the Likud.”

Kahana was making efforts to leave Yamina and join another party such as Blue and White, New Hope, and even Yesh Atid. However, he reportedly was rebuffed by all the parties due to the fact that Chareidi MKs informed party leaders that they will not form a government with a party that includes Kahana. UTJ chairman Moshe Gafni said in an interview last week that “there are three people I won’t speak to: Avigdor Lieberman, Matan Kahana and Yoaz Hendel.”

“Last week, statements were heard that implied that the Chareidi parties would not cooperate with a party in which I’m a member,” Kahana wrote in a post on social media. “These calls came from unknown elements in the Likud ranks.”

“If it was really about me I wouldn’t respond here at all. Of all the MKs I’m davka the person they’re not willing to speak to? It’s not I, Matan Kahana, who scares them. It’s the path and people I represent.  The community and public to which I belong and whom they sought to discriminate against for so many years.”

“I will continue to be the home of moderate and state Religious Zionism. I’ll continue to represent a large and wonderful public for whom the uprising of the people and the state are an integral part of the Jewish character of the state.”

In other elections news on Sunday evening, the Blue and White and New Hope parties announced that have agreed to a joint run in the next elections.

Communications Minister Yoaz Hendel, who tried to advance legislation on kosher phones against the will of Chareidi leaders, and Kahana were not included on the list.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Dope! It comes from שומרי קדושת עם ישראל! In Eretz Yisrael they’re reading Parshas Pichas: it comes from קנאות like Pinchos: תחת אשר קנא לאלוקיו. You were מפקיר all that עם ישראל holds sacred and dear and PLOP, you’re gone! Governor Cuomo also had his מפלה when he started with the Torah and Teffila of Jews in his state! You are useless! Now is the time for some introspection and Teshuva.

  2. We are glad to see him go. And no – it does not come from the Likud. It’s how we react to someone who wants to uproot the status quo that has preserved so level of Yiddishkeit in Israel.
    He does not represent Religious Zionism other than the most extreme “Open Orthodox” which does not have enough of a voter base to need him because they vote for secular parties.
    Religious Zionists are not looking to undermine the Rabbanut, kashrus and kosher giyur.
    Matan, go home and do teshuva.

  3. “the uprising of the people and the state are an integral part of the Jewish character of the state”

    Kahana, this is where you are wrong. The Jewish religion has nothing to do with some uprising of secular people on secular ideas. This is no more Jewish than the Communist uprising which was also perpetrated by Jews.
    “Jewish Character” has only one meaning: Upkeep of Torah and mitzvos as is prescribed in Shulchan Aruch. Anything else has nothing to do with Judaism.

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  5. Modern Orthodox? its just a terez.He is not orthodox at all.He wants to chance the Thora.He is still a Rascha
    and acts even against his Raw.He is a am Haaretz,