Wigs For Cancer Patients Stolen From Tel Aviv Hospital

The 'hair salon" at Ichilov Hospital after the theft. (Photo: Ichilov Hospital)

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A number of wigs intended for use by female cancer patients were stolen from Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv, the hospital reported on Monday

The wigs, which are estimated to be worth tens of thousands of shekels and even more, were donated by former oncology patients who had recovered from their illness and were no longer undergoing chemotherapy.

The theft was discovered when an oncology patient went to the “hair salon” room where the wigs are stored to select one for herself and discovered that they were all missing.

“We never imagined such a situation that wigs donated for recovering cancer patients would disappear from the hair salon,” Prof. Ido Wolf, the director of Ichilov’s oncology department, told Channel 12 News. “We’re preparing to continue the activities of the volunteer hair salon and call on whoever can to donate a wig for the patients.”

“Unfortunately, we don’t have information on who took them, to where, and when,” a statement from the hospital said. “We’re happy to receive donations for wigs for the patients.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)