5-Yr.-Old Who Lost Mother & Sisters In Jerusalem Bus Accident Released From Hospital

Reb Glustein sits by his daughter's bedside. (Hadassah spokesperson)

Shani Glustein, 5, who lost her mother and two sisters in the Jerusalem bus accident a week ago, was released from the hospital on Thursday.

Shani was hospitalized in the pediatric surgery department in Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital after orthopedists performed a procedure to immobilize her injured leg, after extensive consultation with Hadassah’s orthopedic specialists.

“Five-year-old Shani was run over by the bus and trapped under it,” her relatives said. “She crawled out on her own despite being injured and not understanding what happened and where her family was.”

Shani’s devoted aunts didn’t leave her side throughout the entire week of shiva.

Rav Glustein said when leaving the hospital: “Many thanks to the many doctors and professors who assisted us with great dedication when we came for consultations and then treatment. I want to thank the department staff, pediatricians, nurses, and the entire staff.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)