WATCH: ANTI-SEMITISM IN TEL AVIV: Chabad Bochur Brutally Knocked To The Ground


Three Chabad bochurim were walking down Rechov Allenby in Tel Aviv on Friday when a man yelled “Chareidim” and knocked a bochur to the ground.

The bochurim were on their way to their “tefillin stands” but had no prior conversation with the man, who attacked them completely out of the blue.

The incident was caught on the security camera of a nearby store and on Sunday evening, the bochur that was attacked, Levi Blau, filed a complaint with the police.

The Religious Zionist party responded to the report by blaming the current government.
“A whole year of a government of division and hatred is bearing fruit. Avigdor ‘Throw The Chareidim In The Dump’ Lieberman and Yair ‘The Inciter’ Lapid built their campaigns and the justification of their political existence on hatred of religious people and Chareidim. Religious Zionism promises to correct this.”

UTJ MK Yisrael Eichler said: “This is only the beginning, rachmana litzlan. As we warned, the hatred and incitement of politicians like Lieberman and others don’t end with verbal violence. The Israeli police must arrest the attacker immediately and punish him with all the severity of the law for a hate crime because there is no other reason for this attack than anti-Semitic hatred. It can’t be that a Jewish person walking on the street of a city in Eretz Yisrael is attacked due to his religious appearance and the tefillin in his hands.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. > And people wonder why we don’t make Aliyah

    Hashem gave us a lot of promises but not that we will never encounter an adversity. In fact, as Torah says that we will be successful against the enemies means that we are going to encounter the enemies.

  2. Israel is a beautiful land with many good people. The USA also is a beautiful land with many good people. Goodness will always prevail over evil.

  3. SfaradiGamur
    The reason you don’t make aliyah is because your neshama does not long for the kedusha of Eretz Hakodesh to the extent that you are willing to sacrifice your comfort, convenience, etc to be here in EY — in a palace of HKBH. You dont yet have the zchut to understand your great loss of staying in chu’l. And you also don’t understand that your “mitzvot” the ones you are “practicing” and tefillot outside of EY are only strengthening the other side and prolonging the galut.. yes, we are all living in difficult times but EY is still the best, most wonderful and beautiful place in the world for a jew… we are getting there and there is an explosion of growth in Torah and a real awakening here.. YWN always puts a story and everyone jumps on it.. It is still safe to be here, safer than going to get something in a store in the cesspool where you live surrounded with vicious anti-semites … and not knowing if someone is not going to stam start shooting.. You are certainly not safe there.

  4. “The reason you don’t make aliyah is because your neshama does not long for the kedusha of Eretz Hakodesh”

    really you know what’s in his neshama? maybe he has common sense and realizes that life in israel today is pretty grim