Mazal Tov! Jonathan Pollard Is Engaged To A Mother Of 7

Jonathan Pollard

Jonathan Pollard, who lost his wife Esther, a’h, in January, got engaged last week to Rivka, a mother of 7 children and resident of Jerusalem.

According to a report by Arutz Sheva, the couple will be making an official announcement to the public on Wednesday night after the levaya of Bar Pelach, h’yd, the IDF officer killed by Arab terrorists in Jenin overnight Tuesday.

The news that Pollard is engaged to someone with children is especially happy as he was never zocheh to have children. After Jonathan and Esther made aliyah, they told Yisrael Hayom that the fact that they were never able to have a family is a source of great tzaar to them.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Jonathan Pollard did his time (actually, more than his time) for being an American traitor. Now, leave him alone and out of the news. very attractive chala.

  2. Oh, please, he was never a spy OR a traitor. He gave Israel information on the movements of Arab soldiers, information that the USA was contractually obliged to give Israel anyway, but weren’t going to. Pollard is a hero! And the USA has a lot to answer for.

  3. What is up with that last line in the tweet from Pollak?
    It translates roughly to mean: “ By the way, I don’t understand, wasn’t once in prison enough for you?”
    Is he referencing the age gap between them?

  4. Kach, a Jew owes his first duty of loyalty to Am Yisroel. We all took that oath at Har Sinai and we can never be released from it. Any duty owed to a country in which we live must come after that; we are American Jews, not Jewish Americans. Someone who considers a country in chutz la’aretz to be his true home is no better than an atheist or an idolater. That is what the gemara says, so we have no right to disagree with it. And that means even America, where we truly are citizens, equal to all other citizens; this is still not our home, but only a temporary residence which we intend to leave one day soon.

    UJM, the children have a Father in Heaven, but they need one here too.

  5. Ribosome shel Obama what’s with nasty comments…27 years of lonliness.. a angel of a wife now in Gan eden , has the optimism to try again …lerev AL tenach…Mazel tov Mazel tov

  6. Milhouse:
    A Jew’s “first…loyalty” is to Hashem and His Torah, and not to any nation other than the one in which he lives.

    The idolatry of Zionism may have lead this Zionist to believe that he should have done what he did. But please don’t abuse the Torah in using that to justify what the Zionist did.

  7. To milhouse: the anti semites agree with you that a Jew cannot be trusted to be loyal to the USA. If Pollard agrees with you, he never should have joined the US army.

  8. This man spent 30 years of his life for the crime of helping the Jewish People. Traitor, really!!!!!!! 30 YEARS!!!!! A hearty Mazel Tov to Jonathan Pollard and his Kallah and may Hashem bless them with only good health, siimcha and parnosa for the rest of their lives.

  9. What is wrong with some commenters above!?
    Mazel Tov! May it be a binyan adei ad.
    Also, oh my, @Kach is literally retarded. Right, so we should allow Yidden to be endangered because of Dina d’malchusa… Is he serious? Like, is he a rasha, or just uneducated about the parameters of our laws? (And to all the idiots: I’m not commenting on what he should or should not have done; I’m just saying that Dina d’malchusa isn’t part of the picture here.)

  10. HaKatan, you are an apikores. Am Yisroel is our nation, first and primary to any other country. If you put any other nation’s interests before those of Am Yisroel, you are a traitor.

    Huju, I don’t care what the antisemites think. I care only about the truth, and I will NOT distort the truth and the Torah, and adopt a FALSE DOCTRINE, just to make life easier for Jews who work for the US government. If people in the US government are suspicious that Jews have a higher loyalty than the USA, they are right. Any Jew that doesn’t is a bad Jew. And no, there is no reason a loyal Jew should not serve in a foreign army. We have no duty to refrain from such service; but when push comes to shove our loyalty to Hashem and to Am Yisroel must come first.

    Kach, no, the “law of the land” is NOT part of halacha, and it certainly doesn’t trump halacha. You have a very uninformed understanding of a phrase that appears four times in the gemara; go learn all four cases, and see what they have in common, and you’ll have a better understanding of what that phrase means. Hint: In NONE of those cases does it impose any obligation on Jews to do something, or to refrain from doing something.