Israel Warns: Iran Will Continue To Target Israelis Abroad Over Yomim Tovim

Illustrative. An Iranian agent takes photos of the hotel room of three Israeli female tourists in Istanbul in preparation for their murder, in August 2022. (Screenshot)

Months after a number of Iranian attempts to kill Israelis in Turkey, Israel’s National Security Council (NSC) warned that Iran will continue to attempt to harm Israelis abroad over the upcoming Yamim Tovim.

The NSC’s Counterterrorism Division published travel warnings on Monday for over the Chagim. “We estimate that in the near future, Iran will continue to work to advance attempts to harm Israeli targets around the world, in countries near Iran as well as Western countries and Europe,” the statement said.

“Global jihad organizations and radical Islam, especially Islamic State (ISIS) and their supporters, continue to demonstrate motivation to carry out terrorist attacks, including against Jewish and Israeli targets in various countries of the world. This is supported by open statements from the heads of the organizations calling for harm to Israelis and Jews. These organizations have extensive infrastructure and operations in the Middle East (with an emphasis on North Sinai) in Africa and Asia, as well as sporadic operations in other countries around the world.”

“We are once again calling on the public planning to visit abroad to check the travel warnings for the expected destinations before purchasing tickets.”

A similar assessment was heard last week from the head of the IDF’s Military Intelligence Maj.-Gen Aharon Haliva, who warned of terror incidents during the Chagim. “The Chagim period is always a sensitive time, but I can assess that there is potential for significant events during the Chagim this year. In the Palestinian arena, we’re now looking to the future, to the long-term, to the day after Abbas and the succession struggles that will ensue as a result.”

A week ago, Mossad head Dovid Barnea revealed that the Mossad had foiled dozens of Iranian attacks abroad, and mentioned, among other things, the attempt to attack Israeli businessmen in Cyprus as well as Israeli tourists and diplomats in Turkey. “In Cyprus, the terrorists were caught with weapons in their hands,” he said. ” In Turkey, with the help of the Turks, we thwarted the terrorist incidents just before the trigger was pulled and saved lives.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)