Ukrainian Report: Russia Launched Iranian Attack Drones At Uman On Rosh Hashanah

Hatzalah Uman

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A Ukrainian news report said that Russian forces intentionally launched Iranian Shahad-136 kamikaze drones at Uman in an attempt to harm Jews gathered there for Rosh Hashanah.

According to the report, the Ukrainian armed forces shot down over ten drones in southern Ukraine, some of which were directed at Uman.

A member of the Ukrainian security services told a Ukrainian media outlet that “planned terrorist operations against Israeli citizens are one of the conditions for Iranʼs transfer of drones to Russia. As you know, this is not the first example of cooperation between the two terrorist states.”

The site that published the report is considered a reliable Ukrainian site and the information in the report is attributed to “sources in the Ukrainian security services.” The site specifically states that Ukraine has information according to which the Iranians set two conditions for Russia when selling the drones – one of them being attacking Uman. The second condition was not specified.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. I so sincerely hope no-one t Uman threw away their זכותים for עולם-הבא having to utilize these זכותים to be spared from these evil wicked russian attempted rocket attacks

  2. “Ukranian report”. These guys have been PR masters since the beginning of the war. And media have been eating up everything they say as fact. I’d take this with a healthy grain of salt until there’s some proof.

  3. Fake news at its best.
    So, let’s recap the news Ukraine is saying. Over the past few Days, numerous drones and missiles fell in Odessa, and Ukraine didn’t manage to intercept any of them.
    But all 10 heading for Uman they miraculously managed to intercept?
    How stupid do you have to be to believe these reports?

    Get a life. Uman was fine. No incidents BH

    For some reason people out there are desperate to find something wrong with Uman this year so that they can say “See, we told you so”. It’s almost as if C”V they would be happy if they heard a tragedy happened.

  4. > But all 10 heading for Uman they miraculously managed to intercept?

    So, Yidden go to tzadik’s kever asking for nissim, and then Hashem sends them an open miracle, but cannot believe it?! Was the trip was the lost zechuyot then?