PURE INSANITY: Man Planning to Shoot Up NYC Shul Released from Jail


A man who was arrested at Port Authority as he was on his way to commit violence against a New York City shul was allowed to walk free by a judge on Wednesday, pending a trial.

Mathew Mahrer, who along with another man, Christopher Brown, were planning a shooting attack against Jews, should have been kept locked up, the Manhattan DA argued.

“We now know that Mahrer, Brown and [a] third individual, drove to Pennsylvania on November 18 to purchase a firearm. That individual who drove with them has since been arrested by federal authorities,” Assistant District Attorney Edward Burns told the judge.

Burns noted that Mahrer drove to Pennsylvania to purchase a gun to be used in his plot, had a bulletproof vest prepared for an attack, and had a Nazi armband linked to his evil plans.

Still, and despite Mahrer likely posing a real threat to Jews when he is free, Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Neil Ross sided with Brown’s defense team and ruled that he can walk free, with his family already having put down $150,000 in bail money for him.

“We requested a remand at the initial arraignment,” DA Alvin Bragg said outside the courthouse. “We requested it today based on the seriousness of the facts when we made our application. The judge ruled.”

Now, another insane – and incredibly dangerous – criminal is back on the streets of New York City.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. If something happens, every voter & endorser of hochul has their hands quite literally dripping with Jewish blood, even including the Skverer Rebbe & the Aharonite Satmar Rebbe.

  2. this is truly witnessing Torah….these childrens’ lives our now being judged alongside Family…..use your eye, ears nose…….most interesting the delivery of hate from this judge who should be the being judged..his own jewishness desires to hire the refuse of Goyem to do his handjob….cruel witty and definitely without law….America….you are one evil knot of filth

  3. NYS is the only state in the country where the potential danger posed by a defendant cannot be taken into account in regard to keeping him behind bars till trial. So the judge in this case was simply following state law. The only way to lock up a person who poses a danger to others, or himself, is by having them committed to a psychiatric hospital by a special court. And any citizen is allowed to petition that court to have a person committed.

  4. If he was attempting to shoot up a black church, he would be begging to stay behind bars. What does this say about our community? What happened to Jewish initiative? Especially in today’s age of social media when no one’s privacy is safe, everyone should be terrified of physical harm and ruin as a consequence of attacking Jews

  5. Not “insane.” EVIL.

    Just like blaming Ye’s ym”s rants on his mental illness. WRONG. EVIL.

    People sometimes refer to Hitler ymsv”z as a “madman.” WRONG. Madmen don’t conquer Europe. HE WAS EVIL.

  6. Not Dems vs Reps issue!
    It’s US vs THEM!
    Jews vs goyim!
    Goyim won’t be truly happy until all of us are either gone or converted! They’ve been trying for over 2000 years now!