ON ASARA B’TEVES: Ben-Gvir Visits Har HaBayis: “We Won’t Surrender To Hamas’ Threats”

National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir visits Har HaBayis on Asara B'Teves, January 3, 2023.

For the first time since the elections, National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir went up to Har HaBayis on Tuesday morning to mark the fast of Asara B’Teves in a visit that was delayed several weeks due to security concerns and the threats of the Hamas terror organization.

Ben-Gvir coordinated the visit with the police and arrived at the site under heavy security, including his personal bodyguards and police officers.

Ben-Gvir said during his visit: “Our government will not surrender to the threats of Hamas. Har HaBayis is the most important place for Am Yisrael. We allow freedom for Muslims and Christians but Jews will also go up to the Har and those who make threats must be dealt with forcefully.”

Ben-Gvir held a situational assessment on Monday evening with the Israel Police Commissioner Kobi Shabtai, the commander of the Jerusalem district, and the head of the Shin Bet, and it was determined that there were no impediments from visiting the site.

Media reports on Monday evening said that following a conversation with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Ben-Gvir postponed his visit to Har HaBayis by a few days after the security establishment warned the prime minister that Ben-Gvir’s visit to the site could lead to a security escalation, including the launching of rockets from the Gaza Strip and an uptick of terror activities in the already tense areas of Yehudah and Shomron and Jerusalem. Hamas warned on Monday that it “will not stand idly by” if Ben-Gvir visits Har HaBayis.

Hamas spokesman Abdel-Latif al-Qanua said in a statement that “the announcement of the criminal Ben-Gvir about his intention to storm the Al-Aqsa Mosque reflects the arrogance of the fascist settler government and its planned intentions to escalate the invasions of Al-Aqsa with the aim of dividing it.”

The head of the opposition Yair Lapid said on Monday: “Itamar Ben-Gvir must not go up to Har HaBayit. It’s a provocation that will lead to violence that will endanger and cost human lives. Regardless of Bibi’s weakness, this time he has to stand up and tell him: ‘You are not going up to Har HaBayit because people will die.'”

Following Ben-Gvir’s visit, Lapid said: “This is what happens when a weak prime minister is forced to entrust the most irresponsible man in the Middle East with the most explosive place in the Middle East.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. He is chayav Kores R”L. for once, Lapid is right; it’s an unnecessary and unwanted provocation for which all gedolim have warned besides the issur kares!
    What is the top photo? Who is the person with the black velvet hat?

  2. When Ariel Sharon visited the har habayis in 2000 it led to the 2nd intifada with over 1000 people killed in it. This was not a good idea. Hashem Yishmor.

  3. For a start, who.os Ben gvir?
    Next.. can someone please clarify… I always knew going up to Har habayit is not allowed al pi Torah. I thought those going up to Har Habayit are cut off from the Jewish nation? If that’s the case, who is ben gvir and who does he represent?
    He surely does not represent the frum Jewish nation.

  4. @coffee If the gedolim are agreeing with Lapid, we should fast.

    Teal. It’s not so pashut. The halacha establishes various zones in Temple Mount, each with higher kedusha, and higher requirements for tahara. The Temple Mount, outside of the Azara, requires bodily purity, meaning you have to go to the mikva to tovel. In the azara, the requirements are much higher and are not accomplishable today.

    Many say that we do not know where exactly the Azara is, so we can’t risking going on Har Habait since we may be in the Azara. Also, many say that Jews going up on Har Habait will provoke the goyim and is forbidden because of that.

    The Rabbanut, lead religious zionist Rabbi Kook, and most haredi rabbis prohibit going on har habait because of these two issues — saffek regarding the area of the Azara, and provoking the Arabs.

    Some rabbis permit going on Temple Mount, relying that our knowledge of its topography is excellent, and disregarding the Arab rage factor, as absolutely everything we do enrages them. Specifically, the Temple Institute under rav Yaakov Ariel has published many books on these issues.

    Ben Gvir follows these rabbis psak. He is not mehalel anything.

  5. Many Gedoylim prior to the creation of the state of Israel were against making the state of israel. In Hindsight, only fringe gedoylim now sing that same tune.

    Likewise, while some Gedoylim assur going to har habayit, some if not many gedoylim allow and encourage it. One day Hindsight may again prove that only the fringe people didn’t go visit such a great sight as the har habayis.

    the point is, we don’t know. on things we don’t know sharp words should not be used. against either argument.

  6. you can not visit the har habayis without bringing a karbon and if that karbon is not us it will be someone else. today people become zava from the zonah and there are shratzim for food, but we don’t give or eat any masur or teruma. when are you bringing a karbon pesach.
    noach brought a karbon from animal not people and then hashem rainbow and we know not to look at it, but someone said that now already moshiach came and we can go to show the arabs beauty of revenge cause no wine is better then that. this religious Zionism can make a man sick when Torah is wealth and honor. King David said
    “your laws are to me songs” and we know he was punished for this, but books could be written against religious Zionism. But it is the same as writing books against reform and conservative. Your waisting the ink of your pen. They brought

  7. the religious Zionist say that torah has to do with ethnicity. This can make a person mad if is was true but it is crap. The Torah doesn’t stand only for ethnicity and if it did there would be many social problems. The Torah is to be like Abraham and he was a goy. But then he said let me show you my heart has this faith so I am rich. But that was before the Jewish. Same a king David this was thousands of years ago when Moses got the bible, and a long history. If moshiach did not come then we can not go to this place because of tumah and if you are going to say can go to kosher mikva and the most people have this tumah so now they can go, then you have to bring karbonos not only pray cause that you can do from a hill. So going there to say he is boss and not to bring karbonos. So almost all the rabbis say that it is kares to go there and they know that all people are tomeh mes and they bring from the reshonim it is kores even to bring a karbon pesach but the religious Zionist can become Nazir if they don’t get there ethnic girlfriend
    They say that God was won with the Zionist war and that he loved the heart of the people of Israel army and now moshiach comes. What it really is asking why did these reshaim succeed in winning the Jewish people and they don’t know why themselves. But the reason is that there is going to be some big karbonos from all the people that was talked into there false pride.
    Religious Zionism could be a great rabbi with good heart and not even look at any lady, but like it says in the Mishna if you have a garment made from fish then it is not tameh but if there is one thread from flax then it could become tomeh the same is the religious Zionist even if you have only one thread of atheists then you have no world to come

  8. May he and all others who follow rot for the chilul HAMIKDASH they cause. 1 Yiddesh teardrop of blood is more than enough to call him and his ilk ROTZCHIM


  10. The outer perimeter of the Har Habayis (the path Frum jews usually take while walking) is definitely not included in the area that has even a chance of giving someone כרת. Back in the times of the 2nd Beis Hamikdash even Heathens and Tomei people were allowed to walk up there freely (on the Temple Mount Platform) as long as they didn’t cross the sign on the short fence that surrounded the מקדש itself. If Ben-Gvir walked closer to the middle which I don’t know if he did then he definitely shouldn’t have; but Yidden ascending or not ascending the Har Habayis because of a potential issues of טומאה have nothing to do the reason why all the goyim and the UN are constantly attacking Israel for occupying “palestinian land” or why the Muslims are always threatening to start Intifadas. Sovereignty – the issue that many chareidim constantly ignore whenever discussions of the Har Habayis are being talked about on the news – is the point of discussion here. The Temple Mount is ours and it doesn’t belong to Hamas or anyone else.