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US Amb. To Bibi: “Pump The Brakes;” Likud Minister: “Mind Your Own Business”

US Ambassador to Israel Tom Nides said last week that the Biden administration is telling Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to slow down his government’s planned changes to Israel’s judicial system.

Speaking on CNN’s The Axe Files podcast, Nides said: ” That’s what we’re doing now, we’re telling the prime minister, as I tell my kids, pump the brakes, slow down, try to get a consensus, bring the parties together. It’s very complicated, they’re trying to do things way too fast. Pump the brakes, slow down.”

Diaspora Minister Amichai Chikli (Likud) responded to Nides’ comments on Reshet Bet on Sunday morning, saying: “I say to the US ambassador: ‘Pump the brakes yourself, and mind your own business.’ Chikli even said the last half of the sentence: ‘Mind your own business’ in English to ensure Nides understood his message.

“We’d be happy to debate with you in international or security affairs, but respect our democracy,” Chikli added.

Netanyahu responded in a more diplomatic manner, saying at Sunday’s cabinet meeting: “I reassure our friends: Israel was and will remain a strong and thriving democracy, an independent democracy.”

Chairman of the Knesset’s Consitution and Law Committee Simcha Rothman responded to the ambassador’s comments by scoffing at his lack of knowledge of what the planned judicial reforms entail.

Speaking on Army Radio on Sunday, Rothman said: “If you ask the US ambassador to explain why it’s so scary for Israel’s elected officials to choose their judges like every other democracy in the word, he’d stammer.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

10 Responses

  1. To the US admintration and lackey putts and Jewish spineless Ambassador. You educated and tell your kids what ever you want, BUT DONT YOU EVER TALK DOWN TO THE JEWS AS IF THEY ARE YOUR LOOKING DOWN AT A CHILDREN.
    ISRAEL AND JEWS ARE A NATION OF OVER 2000 years. And yes we have our own backstabers and leftist Jew haters, but you, the Bidens Omar Sander’s have no PERMISSION TO TALK AS IF WE ARE YOUR CHILD.

    Please respect the democratic duly elected PM and Kennest and the Jewish people.

  2. US financial and military support has been and continues to be essential to Israel’s existence. US diplomats should not be scolded the way Diaspora Minister Chikli scolded the US ambassador.

    I am not sure whether or how the US should comment, if at all, on the Israeli government’s proposed judicial changes, but Chikli’s remarks should not have been made publicly, and maybe not privately.

  3. The US gains a lot more than they give to Israel.
    With a few billion, they buy themselves massive influence in the region. That influence in Europe cost the US more than 63 billion a year.
    While we’re at it, look at the billions to Ukraine.
    Israel should tell the US to be quite or Israel will accept billions from China .

  4. I’m very happy that he is really government told sleepy Joe Biden to pound sand.

    If anyone looked into what this judicial reform is supposed to do, and they didn’t understand it at the very least, they are 3/4 brain dead. The system they currently have gives the attorney general more power in the country than anyone else, including the Prime Minister! If the attorney general doesn’t like lhe Prime Minister, the AG could bring charges against the Prime Minister and remove them from office. It’s insanity!

    That’s not the way to run a country. Why it was done like that, is a different question, it probably goes back to the way they set up their government based on crazy European systems. That being said, netanyahu is correct in trying to get that changed. This is something that in reality everyone should like, especially the way Prime Ministers over there have been thrown into jail.

  5. To Jersey Joo: You evidently use an app that enables you to compose your posts just by speaking, without typing. Anyone who does that without proofreading is 9/10ths brain dead.

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