WATCH LAPID LOSE IT: “Justice Minister Levin Is The Real Prime Minister”

Yair Lapid. (Photo: Shmulik Grossman/Knesset spokesperson)

As the government on Wednesday continued to advance its judicial reform bills, opposition leader Yair Lapid lost his equilibrium.

Amid a raucous debate on the Override Clause, an amendment to one of Israel’s Basic Laws that will curb the power of the Supreme Court, Lapid got up to speak, quickly reaching an extremely high volume.

“I want to address the real prime minister [Justice Minister] Yariv Levin. Since you run this government, you have to remember that with power comes responsibility. And in another half a year from now, when the Israeli economy is shattered on the floor – because it’s already shattering – when the security is on the floor, when the state will fall apart from within, it will be on your head because you’re the real prime minister,” Lapid fear-mongered.

“It will be on your head because you preferred to let the state fall apart just to change the composition of the committee for the appointment of judges, that you dreamed of all your life,” Lapid claimed.

Prior to Lapid’s speech, MK Simcha Rothman, the chairman of the Consitution, Law and Justice Committee, slammed Lapid, saying: “I want to protest again and again against the BDS campaign that you, Yair Lapid, are running against the State and its citizens. It’s unprecedented and irresponsible.”

Lapid screamed at Rothman from his seat: “Who are you anyway?! Who are you anyway?!”

In the video below, the members of the opposition can be seen screaming at Rothman: “Criminal, criminal!”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. These clowns on both sides of the aisle make the UK Commons look well behaved. I’ve seen more civil discourse at a cattle auction. If I’m following the action correctly, an MK acting like a jerk gets two warnings before being dragged out of the chamber by security?

  2. The Left is going berserk at the thought of losing their dictatorship after 75 years.
    The question remains if in their rage, they’ll cut a hole at the bottom of the boat that we’re all in, à la Shimshon’s “תמות נפשי עם פלישתים”…
    They seem bent on destroying the economy if “democracy” is ruined i.e. if they lose exclusive rights to electing judges and overriding the Knesset’s laws and thereby ruling the country no matter who wins the elections.

  3. “Could it not be more obvious that Moshiach is coming now?”
    Actually not. If z’man Moishiach was to be determined relative to how boorish political hacks could behave in the Knesset, the Geulah would be history by now and we would be debating the agenda of members of the reconstituted sanhedrin.

  4. @Gadolhadorah
    No one is pointing just at Lapid. The whole government is a mess. Open your eyes. You have a false view of yemos Hamoshiach if you believe “we will be debating the agenda of members of the reconstituted Sanhedrin”

    There will not be any debates or arguments. Moshiach and other great leaders will have the great Sanhedrin set up without any issues. You have a golus mindset.

  5. The truth finally comes out of the devils mouth.

    This delusional elite son of Jew hating Meretz who has embraced the Yashka and travels the world to preach BDS and anti Jewish finally said that real PM is a the guy who is picked in back room ally’s by him and swamp.

    He can’t even distinguish between his words and his creation of extreme antisemitism.

  6. מספיק עם השקר the blatant lie I heard is that Levin is the real prime-minister:- What a blatant full fledged lie on part of lapid ימח שמו וזכרונו
    B’H Our Beloved Bibi Netanyahu is Prime-Minister, with the assistance of wonderful people the likes of ben-Gvir & Smotrich, whom we most strongly admire & support.
    lapid ימח שמו וזכרונו is outright guilty of sedition & is critically dangerous. Not Moreinu HoRav Meir Kahana ZTKLLH’H HY’D. & Not January 6th.

  7. @gadolhadorah
    Your conceit has again exposed you as an inherent mal’ig al divrei chachamim.
    In addition to the apology you owe to Hagaon Rav shmuel Auerbach ztzl for addressing him disrespectfully in a previous comment. I would like to remind that if you would be “debating the agendas of the members of the sanhedrin” you would quickly find yourself in a whole lot of trouble. As you are currently deserving.

    My hope is that that you stop being “posel b’mumo”, come down off your high horse, and have some civil dialogue with people, instead of talking down to everyone who disagrees with your viewpoint.
    Who is honored? He who honors others.
    You cannot incessantly blast Trump for his manners, and then proceed to engage in exactly the same type of discourse.
    You have many of the right ideas dear sir, now lets see you apply them to yourself.

  8. @chash
    I often disagree with @gadolhadorah but in this case, why not judge her favorably? One can interpret “we will be debating the agenda of members of the reconstituted Sanhedrin” in a totally different way – not debating the legitimacy of the Sanhedrin’s decisions but rather the pilpul in understanding the halacha based on the סברא of Sanhedrin’s decisions, just as one may study various ספרי שו”ת to gain knowledge.