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WATCH: Mother Of Kedoshim: “I’m Horrified By The Fundraising Campaign For Huwara Residents”

Esty Yaniv, the mother of the kedoshim Hillel and Yigal Yaniv, h’yd, who were murdered in Huwara on Sunday, expressed outrage at the Israeli crowdfunding campaign that raised almost $465,000 for the residents of the Arab village.

After enraged Jews rioted in the town and set properties on fire following the murder of the Yaniv brothers, an Israel left-wing activist, a religious Jew named Yaya Fink, launched a crowdfunding campaign for the residents of the town whose properties were damaged.

It should be noted that Jews living in Yehudah and Shomron, who must travel through the village on a daily basis as a major road, Route 60, passes through the town, come under almost daily attacks from Arabs in Huwara. Additionally, videos of the town’s residents celebrating the brothers’ murders circulated on social media after the attack. Fink said that he received threats from Jews who opposed the campaign, saying he was a traitor for raising money for the town’s residents.

“I get up every morning and look at the murderous village of Huwara, where the murderer of my two sons is freely walking around,” Yaniv said.

“I was horrified, a dark campaign, a campaign for those who distributed pastries to celebrate the murder of my sons. We’re a nation that desires life and they’re a nation that desires death and war.”

“In the face of this dark campaign, we’re launching a campaign to increase light, to continue the light of our children – for IDF soldiers, for settlements, for limmud Torah. We want you to be our partners.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. The erev rav soneh Hashem are giving their last effort to try to thwart the will of the Aibishter r”l. 4/5 are not going to make it. Wicked evil Sodomites. Evil till their final breath.

  2. Lets raise money for these naive unfortunate Jews living in the Lions den. Or maybe Bibi hasa few rooms in his mansion to host them.
    These murders are gathering sympathy for Bibi and his cohorts while they’re the sole responsibility of this escalation.
    Guess to some, or rather many, Jewish lives are less important than a pc of land. Hey its רק בדם!!

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