Smotrich: “I’m Sure US Amb. Nides Didn’t Mean To Incite My Murder”

Finance Minister Betzalel Smotrich; US Ambassador to Israel Tom Nides. (Photos: Courtesy)

Finance Minister Betzalel Smotrich responded to US Ambassador Tom Nides’ reported statement that “Smotrich’s a fool. He has a flight to Washington, if I could, I would throw him off the plane.”

Nides’ statement was a reaction to Smotrich’s remark that “Huwara should be wiped out” following the murder of the Yaniv brothers in the town.

“I’m not angry at Nides and I’m sure he didn’t intend to incite my murder when he said that I should be thrown from the plane just as I didn’t intend to harm innocent people when I said that Huwara should be wiped out,” Smotrich stated. “People sometimes use harsh expressions that they don’t mean literally in order to convey a harsh message. It happens to everyone.”

Following Smotrich’s statement, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu thanked him for his clarification and slammed the “international community” for condemning Smotrich while completely ignoring the Palestinian Authority’s failure to condemn the murder of the Yaniv brothers as well as of its support and incitement of terrorism.

“It is important for all of us to work to tone down the rhetoric and lower the temperature,” Netanyahu said. “That includes speaking out forcefully against inappropriate statements and even correcting our own statements when we misspeak or when our words are taken out of context.

“That is why I want to thank Minister Betzalel Smotrich for making clear that his choice of words regarding the vigilante attacks on Harrawa following the murder of the Yaniv brothers was inappropriate and that he is strongly opposed to intentionally harming innocent civilians

“While Minister Smotrich clarified his position, I am still waiting to hear a condemnation from the Palestinian Authority for the murder of the Yaniv brothers.

“And Israel is waiting for the international community to insist that the PA condemn that attack.

“Not only has it not done so, it continues to turn a blind eye to the PA’s rampant incitement, to the disgusting spectacle of Palestinians handing out sweets to celebrate terror attacks against Jews and to the official PA pay-to-slay policy, in which the PA pays terrorists to murder Jews. The international community’s silence in the face of Palestinian support for terrorism must finally come to an end.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. The unelected intermarried shaigitz goy, Nides, is just a robotic puppet for the democrat party. There is no need to even respond to such a useful idiot.

  2. Smotrich is a back peddler. You can’t have any confidence in them. An apology under duress is never a true apology. If Smotrich doesn’t “stick to his guns” maybe his party needs someone better. He has a spine like a jellyfish. In the meantime, the internet is working at the speed to erase the comments of Nides. Most of the references to the statement about pushing Smotrich off a plane have been scrubbed. Lapid was already here to incite against a Likud-led Israel. Israel is better off without foreign interference.

  3. The Biden administration is a clown show to the world. They’re destroying the world with they’re Ukraine policy and bankrupting the US by putting our tax dollars to this worthless effort.

  4. Yes he did, The filthy DemonRats have morphed into a criminally insane murderous treasonous America hating gang.
    These gangsters have no problem in murdering millions of baby’s in their mothers womb, and even when born.
    These filthy perverted rats have no problem in mutilating young children, even without their parents approval.
    Therefore why would this sewer rat Niden have a problem inciting to murder Smotrich.
    And what’s absolutely mind boggling, that over 70% of Jews are still voting for these monsters

  5. Oh Smotrich, you dishonest Zionist sheigetz!! Anyone with a bit of seichel clearly understands that when Tom Nides said he would throw him off a plane to the US, HE CLEARLY DIDN’T MEAN IN MID-FLIGHT!! Anyone who has gotten “thrown off” a plane is either removed before takeoff or taken into custody after the plane lands.

    Smotrich שר”י is unfortunately playing the typical antisemite card that Zionists routinely abuse to be מתגרה באומות and provoke wars the world over.

  6. It’s so repulsive that there was a successful CrowdFunding conducted within Israel to help the terroristic machine! Nary a word of condemnation from anyone!

  7. To the person who is using the name miriam:
    The story of Peninah and Channah reminds us that the Almighty is not happy at all when you chose words that hurt a lot, even if you mean it LeShem Shamaim.

  8. Smotrich should’ve said Nide should explain why he could talk about murfering another human while he cant talk about wiping out terror..

  9. In the current environment, words do matter. Using hyperbole and then trying to “clean up” what you said or claim it had a totally different meaning doesn’t really work.

  10. “I didn’t intend to harm innocent people when I said that Huwara should be wiped out”

    Of course he didn’t. Who ever thought that he did? How would erasing Huwara harm any innocent people?