ANOTHER ATTACK: 2 Jewish Boys Attacked And Beaten By Violent Gang in Crown Heights


In yet another unprovoked, vicious attack on visibly Jewish individuals, Shomrim reported that on Monday night, a gang of six teenagers assaulted two Jewish teenage boys in Crown Heights.

The victims were walking on Carrol Street and Albany Avenue when they were followed and stopped by the group of assailants, who were wearing hoodies and masks. The attackers demanded money from the victims and proceeded to assault them, leaving one with a bloody nose.

Multiple witnesses called Shomrim, and their units arrived at the scene within a minute. The suspects fled on Albany Avenue towards Eastern Parkway, and witnesses saw them entering an apartment building on St. John’s Place. Shomrim members surrounded the building, and the NYPD was called in, but the teenagers were not found in the building.

“This group of teenagers attacked and assaulted two Jewish teenagers, leaving one of them with a bloody nose,” Shomrim wrote on Twitter along with surveillance footage of the gang. “Shomrim got an eye on these perps as they entered a building on the north side of Eastern Parkway. We are working with @NYPD71Pct @NYPD77Pct providing them with footage.”

The attack is just the latest in a series of unprovoked assaults on visibly Jewish individuals in Crown Heights in recent months.

The NYPD and Shomrim are continuing to search for the perps.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Thanks to Biden and the Democrats for not saying a single word in response to the hate speech given recently by Farakhan where he encourages violence against Jews.

  2. Wow, another premed student upstanding youth who was just turning his life around when a privileged Jewish kid forced him into this violent encounter.

  3. Point 1: If the potential victims are outnumbered, or if they do not have the means to defend themselves, the bigger one should parry his smaller companion behind himself away from the assailants and then point and shout “Police!”. There is a chance that the assailants will run off.

    Point 2: When a group of black teenagers are wearing face masks, it’s not because of COVID. GET AWAY FROM THEM IMMEDIATELY.

  4. The same way they have things where they give away reflective belts, these days they should be giving pepper spray to Teenagers who are to small to fight for themselves. even giving out a company called Pom which is 12 dollars each

  5. You cannot even suggest people to get it because in NY although its 100% legal to carry it and purchase in a store you cannot legally order it online and its very hard to get in stores because barely any stores carry it