Tucker: Jan. 6 “Second Only To The 2020 Election As The Biggest Scam In My Lifetime”

(AP Photo/Seth Wenig, File)

During his Tuesday night broadcast, Tucker Carlson labeled the Jan. 6 storming of the Capitol as the second-largest hoax of his lifetime, behind only the 2020 election as the biggest scam.

The Fox News anchor was speaking with Daniel Goodwyn, self-proclaimed Proud Boy who had trespassed at the Capitol along with a mob of other Donald Trump supporters who stormed the building in an attempt to invalidate the certified results of the 2020 presidential election.

The incident resulted in the deaths of four people and injuries to over 100 police officers. Additionally, an officer who had been sprayed with an unidentified substance during the riot passed away due to a stroke the following day.

Goodwyn pleaded guilty to his participation in the protest and faced up to six months in prison. A clearly odd fellow, Goodwyn tried chewing through a mask when one was forced on him during court proceedings in 2021.

“So how can people who do care make a difference for these – and I’m just gonna say it – these political prisoners?” Carlson asked Goodwyn.

The Proud Boy responded by giving viewers a website they can visit to support Capitol rioters, adding, “There was a lot of police violence that happened that day. And yeah, that needs to be investigated.”

“Jan. 6 I think is probably second only to the 2020 election as the biggest scam in my lifetime,” Carlson responded. “And you know it is because they become completely hysterical when confronted with any facts that deviate from their lies.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Why is this article on your website? Are you supporters of the idea that the events on Jan 6th were overblown and a scam? The Yeshiva community is already suffering from a lack of credible news sources. Adding a pointless article like this might obscure and confuse the obvious truth that right wing, antisemitic, white nationalists tries to stop the peaceful transfer of power after a fair and very closely monitored election. Is the Yeshiva World pandering to conspiracy theories again?

  2. Markjw, yes, the entire frum community KNOWS that the events of that day were overblown and a scam. Your claim “that right wing, antisemitic, white nationalists tries to stop the peaceful transfer of power after a fair and very closely monitored election” is an outright lie.

    But even if the rest of it were true, which it is not, how do you dare to add “antisemitic” to your description of your so-called villains? Even with the very worst possible interpretation of events, there’s NOTHING to support the accusation that any of these people are antisemitic. You are deliberately throwing that in to scare people, as part of the Democrat Party’s deliberate and deeply dishonest and harmful campaign to turn attention away from the real sources of antisemitism and on to an almost non-existent bogeyman, the so-called “white nationalist right”. Antisemitic violence, like all political violence in America, comes almost exclusively from black supremacists, Islamists, and neo-Marxists, all three of which are now solidly part of the political left.

  3. Carlson is correct. The 2020 election was riddled with fraud on many different levels, and the result was illegitimate.

    And the events of Jan 6, 2021 were mostly — almost entirely — peaceful and proper, with some minor violence. The protesters had a just cause, they were not armed, and they killed nobody; some defended themselves from police violence, some did some property damage. None of the harm they did is even remotely comparable to the violence and damage of the wave of riots that go under the general rubric of the “George Floyd protests”, which the Democrat Party openly abetted and encouraged, which did NOT have a just cause, which involved open insurrection against the USA (e.g. in Minneapolis, Portland, and Seattle), which killed dozens of people, and caused literally billions in property damage.

    “Black Lives Matter” is a lie; “Stop the Steal” is the truth.

    And none of this is in any way inconsistent with Carlson’s well-known view that Donald Trump is in some ways an idiot, a baby, and not a nice person, and that many of the specific claims he has made in connection with the 2020 election are not true.

  4. To rt: There are two liars in the article. You should be specific about which one you are refering to.

    To the YWN editors: Your first paragraph says Carlson called the 2020 election the biggest scam of his lifetime. Is that what you meant, or did you mean to say that Trump’s lies about the 2020 election are the biggest scam of Carlson’s lifetime? You should consider taking some remedial English classes with rt.