Thomas Friedman In NYT Compares Netanyahu To Mass Murderer

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrives for a joint press conference with Italian Premier Giorgia Meloni at Chigi Palace government offices in Rome, Friday, March 10, 2023. (AP Photo/Andrew Medichini)

Author and political commentator Thomas Friedman once again engaged in extremist rhetoric against Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in an opinion article in the New York Times, this time comparing him to a mass murderer.

Friedman compared Netanyahu to Turkey’s Erdogan and Hungary’s Orban in an NYT opinion article in January but apparently, he now feels he wasn’t strident enough. In an article published on Tuesday, entitled: Putin and Netanyahu Show Why Bad Things Happen to Bad Leaders, he compares Netanyahus’ plan for judicial reform to Putin’s plan to capture Ukraine.

Ignoring the fact that Putin’s “plan” involved the murder, maiming and displacement of millions of people and led to Russia’s international isolation, he brazenly lists the reasons why Netanyahu’s plan for judicial reform is just as wrong as Putin’s plan for incorporating Ukraine into Russia.

He then writes: “How could two leaders get so many things wrong, despite having been in power for so many years? The question answers itself: They’ve been in power for so many years.” Friedman feels he can compare Putin’s maintenance of power via iron rule versus Netanyahu’s repeated victories at the election booths in the Middle East’s only democracy.

“Whatever policy disagreements one may have with Netanyahu, to compare him to a mass murderer and war criminal like Putin is obscene, offensive, and unjustifiable,” wrote Arsen Ostrovsky, the head of The International Legal Forum. “Tom Friedman has entirely lost the plot, with an unhinged obsession and hatred against Israel and Netanyahu.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. The rantings of a rabies infected sewer rat.
    The N.Y Times has become a den for vicious America hating and Jew and Israel hating anti-Semitic poisonous snakes.

  2. from the mouth of a jew, American ….may Hashem do justice for us in Israel and from the mouth and hate of Amalek….such horror..may the doors of Israel be CLOSED TO THIS MAN AND ALL THAT IS PART OF HIS BLOOD LINE

  3. A piece like this from a rabid leftist like Friedman, can only do good. Those who hate Bibi won’t hate him any more, and I think most on the fence will see how deranged these leftists are, and how reasonable Bibi looks in comparison.
    And for those who are warm to Bibi, it’ll only make them like him more.

  4. huju,

    Once again, you agree with a self-hating, mah-yafis excuse for a Jew. If Netanyahu can be compared with a mass-murderer, so can you. You would have enjoyed being a Kapo during the Holocaust.

  5. To Gadolha: 1. I read the article. Did you? It compared Netanyahu to Putin in certain ways, NOT including Putin’s war crimes or mass murder.

    2. Calling me a “self-hating Jew” on this website is meaningless, as that accusation is tossed around so … liberally.

    3. Saying that I would have enjoyed being a “Kapo” during the Holocaust is egregiously false, unfounded and defamatory. I respectfully demand that YWN edit or remove your post.

  6. huju,

    I read the article where the author compared Netanyahu with a mass-murderer. You’re just like the mass-murderer Putin in that both of are fixated on twisted versions of reality and demonize those who disagree with you. You also constantly defend anti-Semites over Jews so it’s no stretch to say you would have gladly volunteered as a Kapo.

  7. For once I agree with Thomas Friedman, but not for the reason he specifies. Bibi is indeed a mass murderer (and pethaps a profiteer from it) for coerce injecting – especially young – Israelis with an experimental poison they did not need, while denying affordable repurposed treatments to those who did. Both of these actions killed and injured many.

    This sick egoistic man treated his whole country as the world’s Pfizer Lab Rats. Israel was the first to introduce 100% unscientific vax passport mandates and all the madness that came along with it. People have a short-term memory and forget this ugliness.

    There are many Antisemitic leaders in the EU who call for his trial at The Hague. I never in my life thought I’d join them.

  8. Ive not read his Article-
    But sad to say Bibi has DIRECT responsobilty FPR BLOOD SHED
    From Murder of Kodoshim Bistanders on Bus STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    There BLOOD is still Demanding & Boiling – him and ben Gevir