HAMAS THREATENS FLAG MARCH: “We Won’t Hold Back From Another Conflict”

Israelis run to shelters as rocket warning sirens go off during a Jerusalem Day march on May 10, 2021, after Palestinian terrorists in the Gaza Strip fire rockets toward Israel. (AP Photo/Ariel Schalit)

Israel Police are on high alert ahead of the Jerusalem Flag March on Jerusalem Day, which falls out on Thursday evening and Friday.

Jerusalem District Police Commander Doron Turgeman told reporters on Tuesday that the police are preparing for numerous possibilities of disturbance during the march, including rocket fire.

Senior Hamas officials this week threatened to respond to the “provocative Zionist flag march” and the Hamas representative in Lebanon called on Palestinians to gather at Al Aqsa on Thursday morning for “prayers.”

About 3,200 police officers will secure the march. Turgeman said that there are warnings of attacks during the march, as there are throughout the year. “There are warnings and we are thwarting them,” he said.

In 2021, Hamas launched rockets at Israel’s capital city on Jerusalem Day, which triggered Operation Guardian of the Walls.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. There is no reason to go through the Muslim neighborhoods on this march.

    How would we like it if some toevah group made a point of making a march through a frum neighborhood (in LA they do but also as a part of a citywide march).

    The point of marching through a neighborhood where you know that the overwhelming majority of the residents vehemently oppose your position is just to look for a fight and show who is the boss

  2. One must engage in the right hishtadlus to merit Syatta Dishmaya. I suggest that Israel stop playing defense. That never gets implemented until these subhuman primates inflict damage, causing loss of life, injuries, and damage. The approach is to respond to these threats by proactive measures. Hamas should be eradicated. The borders should be moved to take back parts of Gaza. Those terrorists that are captured shoud not be treated to the amenities in the Israeli prisons. They should be permanently disabled, maimed, and subjected to torturous conditions, then sent back for their full time care of their disgusting supporting families. Only such rash actions affect them. We should stop caring what the UN says. And when Tlaib y”sh complainis, send her there to join them.

  3. Its assur to antagonize for no good reason.
    Then again…when did halacha ever dictate what zionists do…
    Never mind…

  4. If they c”v send missiles to Yerushalayim that is the time for Israel to fix their fatal blunder of 1967, blow up the mosque and say it was hit by Hamas rocket fire!