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IDF Chief Of Staff: “Developments In Iran Could Force Us To Act”

IDF Chief of Staff Herzi HaLevi said on Tuesday that “negative developments” in Iran’s nuclear program could lead Israel to attack the Islamic Republic.

“Iran has made more progress in enriching uranium than ever before,” Halevi said at a conference of the Institute for Policy and Strategy of Reichman University. “We’re also closely examining their other pathways to nuclear capability. Without going into details, there are possible negative developments on the horizon that could prompt action. We have the capabilities to do so and other countries also have the capabilities.”

“We have the ability to harm Iran. We’re not indifferent to what Iran is trying to build around us and it is difficult for Iran to be indifferent to the line we are taking.”

Halevi also spoke about Hezbollah, saying: “Hezbollah is very deterred from an all-out war against Israel but it thinks it understands how we think. This thought brings it to brazenly challenge us in scenarios where it will not lead to war. I see this as a good way to create surprises if necessary.”

“We have good preparedness in the northern arena but a campaign will be difficult on the homefront. We’ll know how to deal with it but it will be difficult. It will be seven times harder for Lebanon, and even more so for Hezbollah.”

Moving on to Syria, Halevi said: “Iran uses Syria as a potential war zone with Israel. We are not indifferent to this. I would remind Bashar al-Assad of one very interesting fact: the countries that stayed close to Iran failed. If he wants to rebuild after the civil war, let him take that into account.”

National Security Adviser Tzachi Hanegbi also spoke at the conference, addressing the reports on Monday that Iran is building a new underground nuclear facility that is likely beyond the range of US bunker-buster bombs.

“We’re aware of the Iranians’ attempt to move their facilities underground,” Hanegbi said. “This limits the ability to attack – but there is no place that cannot be reached in an attack.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

3 Responses

  1. Why in heavens name would they telegraph this to the Iranians?
    It just does not make sense.
    Don’t think they have the will or ability to go it alone,without the U.S.
    Of course that treasonous demented Alzheimer diseased America hating terrorist loving DemonRat in the WH, will not attack his terrorist friends in Iran

  2. the point is so that the U.S. and world public wont be as shocked when they wake up one morning and see that it happened

    which would hopefully mean fewer sanctions and damnation against israel as they have been warning about this scenario for years

    and gives them a reason for what they were going to do..

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