WATCH: Arkia Employee Says: “I Come From A Religious Home”

Channel 14 News screenshot

Aviad, a safety and service manager at Arkia Airlines, spoke with Channel 14 News about the video featuring him singing “Uman Uman Rosh Hashanah” aboard a flight with Breslover chassidim, which quickly went viral.

Thousands of viewers were touched by Aviad’s genuine joy and connection to the passengers, despite their differences in lifestyle.

“It was very spontaneous,” Aviad said. “We bring thousands of chassidim to Uman every year. I grew up in a religious home, and without any connection to beliefs, it’s a zechus to rejoice. I began to sing the song, they started waving their arms – I was very happy that it became something very joyous and connected people – that’s the most important thing.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. that moment may have inspired the yarlmukaless flight attendant who comes from a religous home to become shomer shabbos and in the future build a bayis neeman.

  2. Article is a mistranslation. He said he comes from a religious family of maamiminim. Then he said that the opportunity to join in the simcha is something that everyone can do, even without a connection to religion.