WATCH: Flight Attendant Sings “Uman Uman Rosh Hashanah” With Chassidim


An amusing video circulated on Israeli social media on Wednesday of a flight attendant enthusiastically singing “Uman Uman Rosh Hashanah” with Breslover passengers on the way to Uman.

The chassidim, who had boarded an Arkia flight from Israel to Kishinev in Moldova, burst into song and the flight attendant followed suit.

Moldovan government officials and members of the Jewish kehilla in Kishinnev have made extensive preparations to assist the huge influx of travelers who are crossing the border into Ukraine from Moldova ahead of Rosh Hashanah.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. 147 When you have the best lawyer why would you be scared.
    We are here to be ממליך הקב”ה!
    להבדיל אלף אלפי הבדלות ס I just saw a video of Rabbi Avi Weisenfeld stating the following. There were just recently a coronation of the King of England this year. The son who removed himself from his family. Wrote a book disgracing his Family, His father his was reportedly delighthed. Why because he was his son! This Rosh Hashana we have a coronation of our father. We may not have done the rightt things. We come with all our challenges. But yet the Rebono Shel Olam is delighted to see us because he loves us all. Just to let you know I was never in Uman for Rosh Hashana. I work on myself to respect each individual child of hashem. Let us all be מקבל on ourselves to be דן all the children of כלל ישראל (i mean all including secular) לכף זכות and be זוכה בקרוב ממש to be מקבל פני משיח צדקנו במהירה בימנו אמן .