Assaf HaRofeh Hospital Does Not Have Hashgacha


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asafChief Rabbinate of Israel spokesman Ziv Maor reports on Thursday, 7 Sivan 5774, that Assaf HaRofeh Hospital does not have a valid hashgacha at present. The hospital has been operating without a rav for the past two months.

At present there the hospital and food complexes operating within do not have a valid teudat hechsher. The hospital is an 800 bed facility.

The Chief Rabbinate of Israel is in contact with the Health Ministry on the matter. Addition will be published when a solution is reached.

The Chief Rabbinate spokesman has issued an update, explaining it has learned there was indeed a single mashgiach but obviously one person is not capable of maintaining proper kashrus in a facility cooking three meals daily for 800 patients and staff in both dairy and meat kitchens.

The Health Ministry is not responding favorably. The Rabbinate insists that the hospital hire a rav who will then be responsible for setting a proper kashrus mechanism into place.

For the time being the Chief Rabbinate advises the tzibur that one may not rely on the kashrus in the hospital.

(With permission from Jerusalem Kosher News)