BDE: 2nd Fatality Announced in Today’s Deadly Mortar Attack from Gaza


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A second man who was wounded in the mortar attack in the Eshkol region today has died. Hours before the ceasefire the Palestinian terrorists unleashed a barrage of rockets and mortars.
A mortar made a direct hit killing one man instantly and injuring 4 others.  The man, initially was reported to have serious injuries and Doctors tried their best to resuscitate the man, however sadly it was just announced that he has succumbed to his wounds.

This marks the 2nd fatality from today’s mortar attack.

(Yitzchok Begin – YWN)



  1. The blood is solely & exclusively on Hamas’s hands. Period! On no-one else’s hands. Bibi Netanyohu is handling an excruciatingly difficult if not impossible saga.

  2. Did anyone else pay attention that these fatalities specifically happened during bein hazmanim?
    those of you that have the zchus of learning on a yeshiva will hopefully return learning and davening for us.
    (not saying that the rest of us don’t)
    its amazing what the zchus of torah does for us.