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Photo Essay: Levayah Of The Kedoshim In Har Noif (Photos By: Moshe Goldstein – JDN)

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2 Responses

  1. I knew Kalmen for many years. Some short words about the great soul that we have lost
    Kalmen Levine HY”D
    Our hearts are torn and broken , our minds cannot comprehend
    Your life/ time
    Kalmen, time was your adversary and time is now your friend
    You were in a constant struggle with time
    Making it early to davening
    Making it to your chavrusha on time
    Yes ,time after time, time after time
    You shaving minutes off of the things that waste away our precious life/time
    Yes you leant 60 minutes of learning every hour
    Till the wee hours of the night you conquered time, day after day, year after year
    Kalmen , in the Heavens, time is now your friend
    All those minutes, hours, days and years will be the witness to what you did in your lifetime
    Time was you essence

    Your prayers
    Kalmen you stood before Hashem like a child before his father
    You were here but you where there
    There, next to our father in heaven, close to him
    Daily you visited your family but you were there in the heavens
    There ,beseeching Hashem, enjoying his closeness and praying for us , klal Yisroel
    Now you are even closer , your visits to those in this material world we will miss
    You departed on the wings of your prayers

    Emes – truth filled you
    You sought out the truth in understanding the Torah
    You sought out truth in your service of Hashem
    The truth is… You sought out the truth within yourself
    Kalmen no more , you now know the truth

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