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Photo Essay: Hachnosas Sefer Torah in Memory of the Har Nof Kedoshim HYD (Photos By Shloimy Kohen – JDN)

IMG_7849IMG_6664 IMG_6674 IMG_6686 IMG_6701 IMG_6708 IMG_6714 IMG_6720 IMG_6727 IMG_6737 IMG_6775 IMG_6787 IMG_6877 IMG_6921 IMG_6936 IMG_6946 IMG_6952 IMG_7019 IMG_7080 IMG_7111 IMG_7226 IMG_7228 IMG_7240 IMG_7268 IMG_7289 IMG_7293 IMG_7320 IMG_7326 IMG_7334 IMG_7337 IMG_7369 IMG_7377 IMG_7387 IMG_7408 IMG_7425 IMG_7434 IMG_7449 IMG_7468 IMG_7499 IMG_7528 IMG_7547 IMG_7582 IMG_7627 IMG_7681 IMG_7717 IMG_7727 IMG_7776 IMG_7836
IMG_7863 IMG_7901 IMG_7942 IMG_7949 IMG_7981 IMG_7996 IMG_8002 IMG_8012 IMG_8021 IMG_8040 IMG_8046 IMG_8068 IMG_8110 IMG_8179 IMG_8187 IMG_8320 IMG_8354 IMG_8360 IMG_8376 IMG_8389 IMG_8397 IMG_8400


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  1. Was this entire Sepher Toroh written all in a space of 4&1/2 months? or was an almost ready Sepher Toroh dedicated to the 4 Kedaushim?

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