NY State Budget Deal: What’s In And What’s Not


albanyNew York state lawmakers are expected to approve a $142 billion state budget proposal before the state’s new fiscal year begins Wednesday. Here’s what’s included in the spending blueprint – and some items that were dropped during negotiations.



-$23.5 billion in total school aid, representing an increase of $1.4 billion.

-The State Education Department will review changes to teacher evaluations.

-New rules intended to make it easier to dismiss ineffective teachers.

-Chronically troubled schools would get time to implement improvement plans before being taken over by the state.



-A rule that lawmakers will have to disclose more about their outside income.

-Requirements that attorneys in the Legislature identify their clients. Certain types of legal work including child custody and wills would be exempted. Lawmakers could also petition the Office of Court Administration to redact the names of clients who don’t have business before the state.



-Under Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s upstate economic development competition, seven upstate regions will compete for three $500 million prizes designed to spur upstate development.



-No more taxes on the sale of general aviation airplanes, and a tax cap on the sale of boats costing more than $230,000.



-The Dream Act, which would extend financial aid to students in the country illegally.

-Authorization of more charter schools.

-New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s push to renew mayoral control of city schools.

-Property tax relief initiatives proposed by Cuomo and the Senate Republicans.

-Minimum wage increases sought by Democrats.

-A proposal to end the state’s practice of automatically prosecuting and incarcerating 16-and 17-year-old offenders as adults. Funding for the proposal was included in the budget but the policy change was not.