12-Year-Old Terror Victim Visits Har Habayis


ashAyalah Shapira, 12, who was seriously burned in a terrorist firebomb attack in Shomron is back in the news following her visit to Har Habayis.

Shapira visited the holy site on Sunday, 20 Sivan to mark her bas mitzvah. She told the media months ago she hoped she would be permitted to make the visit to mark her bas mitzvah.

The attack occurred near Maale Shomron as Ayalah and her dad were heading home to Maale Shomron. Mr. Shapira sustained less serious injuries.

Gedolei Yisrael and the Chief Rabbinate of Israel have ruled visiting Har Habayis is prohibited, even in compliance with Halacha.

The family requests the tzibur continue being mispallel for Ayalah bas Rut’s recovery bsoch sha’ar cholei yisrael.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. “Even in compliance with Halacha”, I think that once today’s Gedolim paskened that it’s phorhibited it is against the Halacha in today’s generation, so I’m not sure why you have written “even in compliance with Halacha”.

  2. I’m sure everyone is being mispallel for this girl’s complete recovery. But the irony here is hard to ignore. The family requests the tzibur to continue davening for Ayala’s recovery, while at the same time committing an act that is could possibly incur the punishment of kares, chas ve’shalom. The problem is especially acute for a female, where safek zava comes into the picture, which, as is known, has chumros regarding purification. Specifically upon her becoming obligated in mitzvos, she chose to do something that has serious halachic ramifications — safek zava — regarding the Har Habayis. We should be davening that this unfortunate act should not have any negative impact on her recovery.