VIDEO: Doctor Fired from Israel Medical Association Ethics Committee Defends his Position Against Toeiva Community


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Dr. Sudi Namir was fired from the Israel Medical Association Ethics Committee in response to his remarks against the toeiva community. In an interview with Arutz Sheva, Dr. Namir makes no apologies, but stands firm in his position. He explains the decision of the ethics committee is against the committee’s own standards as well as being against the Torah. As an Orthodox Jew, Dr. Namir has appealed but is not about to change his position.

He explains he hopes during the appeal he will be able to show the decision was political, obviously the result of pressure from a certain sector in society as is seen in other countries as well for he feels the need to fight for the “purity” of life in the nation. Namir explains today it is unpopular to back the basic values of Jewish families today as the groups that control the media have a different agenda.

He speaks of “living our lives in accordance to the Torah without any concessions”. He admits that he now believes “some doctors suffer from this ailment” and had he known this before, he would not has been as forceful in his remarks but he is quick to add he may have been “Heaven sent’ as the shaliach to bring this to the forefront.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. It will be increasingly difficult, in both Medinat Yisrael and in most western countries (North American and Europe in particular) for frum Jews to work with “establishment” organization whose concepts of political correctness are incompatible with Torah. This is especially true of groups that are dominated by persons of Jewish ancestry, who tend to be the most militantly secular.

  2. First off, very childish of a news website that deems itself to be legitimate to call the gay community the “toeivah community”. Grow up and live with the world. Secondly, I commend this doctor on being staunch in his religious beliefs but when it comes to saving people’s lives I hope he doesn’t make a massive mistake by letting innocent people die because of something they’re born with. That is unfair and is similar to letting someone die on the operating room table because they’re Jewish or white or anything else.

  3. Hats of to Dr. Namir, Kol Hakovod for standing up for what is truly Ethical and Moral by Torah Standards, by l’havdil the at least “official” standards of other religions, and by what used to be a general ethical & moral code. Unfortunately, we see that other codes of decency are no longer binding, they are fluid and constantly changing.
    B’H for our Torah and mitzvos that are unchanging and unyielding to the corrupt mores of society.

  4. Dear #7-notyeshivish:

    You ASSume that an individual is born as a homosexual when in fact he chooses to live a perverted/deviant lifestyle.

    You can quote all the garbage science printed in scientific theory publications but the truth of the matter is that the toeivahs are mentally ill.

    Science is theory. Torah is Emes.

  5. This Doctor is a beautiful, righteous person.Hopefully we have many more like him
    Genesis 6:9, 7:1


    Check out the 9th Ani ma’amin
    Wicked person.

    we will outlive you yet.
    we’ve had to deal with the likes of your ilk every couple generations.

    ” by letting ‘innocent’ [sic] people die because of something they’re born with. ”

    A couple of researchers concluded some months ago that rape is essentially genetic.

    Oh,it was a big splash less than a month ago that bullying is genetic.

    Ever heard of epigenetics?? The entire concept of “something they’re born with” is basically to all decent researchers already upended

  6. “V’lo taki ha’aretz osam”

    They’re using the stabbing ,to push a seismic revolution in the country’s consciousness

    If heaven forbid ,we soften on this ,we should file a religious global chapter 11.

    It is brought down [in two sources] that the egregious evil of Amalek that we are obligated to battle our final battle is Toi’evah

    We have to loudly opine to the world ,that these people and their supporters have less in common with us than simple common gentile folk!
    And if some will claim there’s to be collateral damage from this ,So be it