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AG Weinstein Opposes PM Netanyahu in Changing Open-Fire Regulations

idfAttorney General Yehuda Weinstein is going head-to-head with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu as he opposes the prime minister’s instructions to modify open-fire orders for police and soldiers to make it easier to fire at Arabs hurling rocks in life-threatening situations.

Weinstein has never made an effort to hide his left-wing liberal agenda, which once again defies the instructions from the prime minister. While PM Netanyahu also seeks a mandatory minimum sentence for rock-throwers, Weinstein opposes this as well. Weinstein explained that approval has already been given for a Ruger sniper rifle and he does not feel the need to take additional measures despite the escalation in attacks on Har Habayis, in Yerushalayim and areas of Yehuda and Shomron.

The prime minister had held a number of security briefings over the last week and during Sunday, 7 Tishrei, he explained he expects to have the matters prepared in time for cabinet approval following the yomim tovim.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

2 Responses

  1. Well he has a Knesset, write a new law with strict punishment.

    While at it, add the death penalty and vote for term limits for judges who should be voted by the people in the first place!!!!

  2. Y doesn’t he just fire this retard of an Attorney General
    That’s another sign just how crazy this country is could you just imagine if Obama would tell John Kerry to do something absolutely Kerry would tell no I disagree and I will not do it ??? He would be fired the next day

    Only in the crazy libral country that the Zionist Run called ISRAEL
    What a shame

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