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WATCH: Kiddush Hashem: Geula Terror Victim Speaks to Israel Press


One of the victims of the barbaric vehicular/stabbing attack in Geula on Tuesday morning 30 Tishrei speaks with the secular Israeli media from his hospital bed.

While the press asks “what happened” he does not want to be pushed in this direction, preferring to express his thanks to HKBH for his miracle and to call on Am Yisrael to return to Hashem, fill the shuls and live as we should. He stresses that all the police and IDF will not bring an end to this until we live on the correct path.

Finally, after being battered with the question, he begins to tell of his miracle, detailing somewhat the horrors of that barbaric attack. He explains he was reciting Tikun Klalli when the attack occurred and others around him were R”L less fortunate.

If one watches, one will realize near the end when he really gets into the “need for teshuvah and following HKBH”, the media is uninterested and they distance their microphones from him.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem/Video: Channel 2 News)

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  1. Unfortunately, there is a need. It is very sad, indeed tragic, that the news media does everything in it’s power to prevent the secular Jews from hearing the truth about Judaism.

  2. The Quality of life in Israel is so Low, MOST Secular Jews living there, pity themselves for not living in LA or Miami! Very Sad situation!!!

  3. headline seems to be incorrect. This injured person was related to Egged bus incident in Armon HaNatziv, not the vehicular attack in Geulah

  4. Aside from the fact that the headline is wrong, why should the media NOT cut off his mussar shmuz after a couple of minutes? They were courteous enough to give him that long.

    Just because he was injured, he became a Godol HaDor, to whom everyone must listen to endlessly?

    He made his point and they were courteous enough to allow him to do so.

  5. This terror victim was courteous enough to allow the media to intrude on his recuperation to gather more irrelevant details they hope will boost their ratings a smidgeon.

    What a chutzpah that they cut him of from real words of התעוררות as soon as they realised he was talking tachlis, not Newsbytes.

  6. #6 you’re ridiculous. May you be zoche to see true nissim in your life; it would be sad though if ud miss an opportunity of Pirsumei
    Nissa then. This man had the opportunity, understands the need for his words specifically to the news and used this opportunity. When u interview someone spontaneously you prepare yourself to get answers that relate to him. He wasn’t going to allow media shtick, lies and manipulation so affect him. Good for him!

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