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More on the Jew Tragically Killed in the Mistaken Identity Incident in Yerushalayim on Wednesday Night

20151021133534 (2)As reported by YWN, a Jewish man was shot and killed on Yirmiyahu Street near Ohaliav Street in the Romeima neighborhood, near Center One in Yerushalayim late Wednesday night. The events that took place led security officials to believe he was a terrorist.

The talmid yeshiva tragically killed in the incident has been identified as Simcha Chodatov Z”L, a talmid at Yeshivas Dvar Yerushalayim in Har Nof.

There are conflicting reports as to what occurred but it appears soldiers were suspicious of the young man, who they requested accompany them. An argument followed and the soldiers claim he assaulted them and then tried to grab one of their weapons. He was then shot as being a suspected terrorist. The tragic incident occurred near the National Headquarters of Ichud Hatzalah. Ichud CEO Ze’ev Kashash reported “we heard shots” while inside the building and they ran out to respond.

The preliminary investigation reveals a citizen approached the soldiers and told them the man appeared nervous when he got on the bus in Givat Shaul and he was holding a bag very tightly in his hand. He got into an argument with the diver about the fare and he appeared very tense.

The soldiers then asked the man to accompany them, but he refused, and according to the soldiers, he punched them and tried to grab a gun. The two tried to restrain him with a taser but they were unsuccessful so they fired at him.

Zaka Chief Yehuda Meshi-Zahav adds “When I arrived at the scene with the Zaka team, it appeared like the site of a terror attack, an attempted attack in which the terrorist is killed. After being asked to deal with the body, I saw the person was a Jew mistaken for a terrorist. I immediately updated police and we changed to a standard white Zaka body bag from the unmarked black one for a terrorist. We are in difficult times as this case and the man killed mistakenly in Beersheva, also suspected of being a terrorist. I call on everyone with a weapon to act cautiously”.

Military police are investigating the actions of the soldiers involved. The niftar was an IDF veteran in addition to being a yeshiva student.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. The new Zaka policy of using garbage bags for the bodies is clearly failing after this is the second time they used a garbage bag for a Jewish niftar.

  2. This is a horrible story. I don’t understand, there are many nervous people in the world, many people who clutch bags tightly for varying reasons. People really need to be a lot more careful during these times. It’s a shame Kahane was not only ignored but shunned as racist. As such our enemies are allowed to live among us, walk alongside us in the street, ride our buses and murder our people when they’ve had enough of life. It’s a crazy situation, one that could’ve been avoided. But Israeli governments are keen at making colossal errors that affect the nation for decades. Think Gaza, think Shechem, think Kever Rochel.

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