VIDEO: Chareidim Protest Against Family Of Belzer Chassidim That Visit Har Habayis


elbA protest was held outside the home of Yosef Elbaum, who is counted among the regular visitors to Har Habayis despite being a member of a chassidic community, that does not condone visiting the holy site. The protesters shouted “murderer” and waved signs stating Gedolei Yisrael forbid visiting Har Habayis. They blame the Jews who visit Har Habayis for the recent wave of Islamic terror and harsh shift in international opinion against Israel.

It appears the protest was prompted by a report released by Reuters, which shows Elbaum visiting Har Habayis along with other Jews. The report shows how a chareidi rabbi is among those visiting the site, which is at the heart of controversy today between Jews in Israel and between Israel and its Arab neighbors.

When confronted, Elbaum denied he was on Har Habayis. His response is attributed to his fear of protests against him for his actions. However, the video shows a different story and a protest was organized outside his home within a number of hours. As a result, Elbaum told leaders of the Belzer Chassidus that he will refrain from such actions until such time the situation calms down.

The Elbaum family has been counted among the visitors to Har Habayis for a number of years.





(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. The Mishnah Berurah (561:5) says, “Even after the Beis HaMikdosh was destroyed, the Mount upon which the Beis HaMikdosh stood still retains its special sanctity. Therefore today, while we are still in a state of
    tumah, ritual defilement, it is strictly forbidden for a Jew to enter the Temple Mount.”

  2. Its mesorah for the Elbaum family his grandparents were known to be one of the yechidim that would ascend to har habayis regularly. He is continuing in their drachim; their a nice family. Yes, I’m sure this opinion is a divisive one and everyone can have their opinion. But lets outline the fact that pple get confused; they think har habayis and the Al aksa mosque are in the same place. The al aksa is on another part of the mountain that according to some opinions isnt even considered har habayis…

  3. Putting the halachik argument aside for a moment the lesson learned from this fiasco is that if the pa ever gets dominion over kever rochel the maaras hamachpeila or Chas vesholom the kotel Jews will never be allowed there again. Just as they did when they had control before. Hence there can never be a two state solution. If we can never come to terms on Hebron or bet lechem how on earth will we ever reach any resolution at all? The Jewish dream of giving the pa only those lands we don’t want is just that – a dream which has no basis in reality. The Arabs will never agree to that and we can never agree to give the Arabs what they want. Also the current situation is unacceptable because it very closely resembles occupation. A one state solution is unacceptable because Jews will lose the majority. Hence there are no foreseeable solutions to this problem.

  4. Perhaps the brave chareidim should move their protests to the family homes of the real murderers, the Arabs whose sons and daughters are celebrated as martyrs. Last time I checked, shefichas damim was counted among the Sheva mitzvos Benai Noach.

  5. When his grandfather ascended the Har Habayis there was no bloodshed as a result…
    When it comes to Kares you can’t follow you grandparents mesoireh!

  6. I am Here to clarify the halachic debate. The place where we are not allowed to enter is where the Bais Hamikdash and the Ezras Hakohanim was, but because we didn’t know exactly where that was we said don’t enter the whole Har Habayis. The Elbaum’s and a group of Talmidei Chachamim have clarified the topic and with today’s technology and proof from various sources they know where it for sure wasn’t and that’s where they go.

  7. Cool your jets!
    There are many other charedim that ascend carefully and within boundaries of Har Habayit. Jews on the Temple Mount and Arab terror has NO CONNECTION. When oh when will you learn?

    A JEW visiting Kever Rochel, eating at Mamilla Mall, on a bus to Bnei Brak, buying tefillin in Meah Shearim is the same INCITEMENT TO THE ARABS! When incitement includes “No Jew will remain in Palestine” and “All Jews will be driven into the Sea”…What does Har Habayit have to do with terror, murder, car rammings, and stabbings?

  8. There are two options regarding where the קודש הקדשים stood. What Everybody assumes that it’s where the Mosque is, is only one of the options. The other option is, it’s opposite the right side of the outside part of the כותל. The first time the Previous בעלזא רבי זצוק״ל came to the כותל he went straight to that side. That’s where בעלזא חסדים Daven. (Btw according to the first opinion the כותל isn’t the חומה of the הר הבית but rather the עזרה!)

  9. to all above: tumas meis is permitted on har habayis; tumas keri is osur. However, immersing in a mikva, becoming simply a tevul yom, is permitted on har habayis. The main concern today is not listening to the gedoley yisrael who have other reasons that they prohibited going there.

  10. #1- I don’t know where you got that translation of the Mishna Brurah from but it is incorrect. The MB reads:

    (ה) בית המקדש – והנכנס עתה למקום מקדש חייב כרת שכולנו טמאי מתים וקדושה הראשונה קדשה לשעתה וקדשה לעתיד לבוא [מ”א] ועיין בליקוטי הלכות זבחים בפרק השוחט והמעלה מש”כ שם מענין זה

    מקום מקדש means the site of the Temple, not the Temple Mount (הר הבית) which is much larger than מקום מקדש.

  11. The last point of #12 is the most important point. Going onto the Har HaBayis is clearly going against the Gedolei Yisrael which is a grave aveirah.