VIDEOS AND PHOTOS: Hafganos Erupt In Yerushalayim Following After Court Order Autopsy On 4-Year-Old Moshe Mizrachi Z’L


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Protests broke out on the streets of Yerushalayim on Thursday, after a Jerusalem court ordered an autopsy of 4-month-old Moshe Mizrachi z”l, who was niftar in Hadassah Hospital on Thursday morning.

As YWN reported earlier, his grandfather, Beit Shemesh Mayor Moshe Abutbul and the family are appealing the ruling to the Supreme Court in the hope of preventing an autopsy.

Moshe was niftar on Thursday 26 Teves after a number of days of hospitalization in a pediatric intensive care unit.

Moshe arrived in Hadassah Ein Kerem in serious condition, later learned to have sustained a serious head injury. A daycare center worker told police she shook him in an effort to waken him. She was arrested and since released with restrictions.

Police on Thursday, 26 Teves, arrested multiple protesters in Jerusalem’s Kikar Shabbos. As one can see, protesters blocked traffic on a busy Thursday and they did not comply with police orders to clear the intersection.

Garbage bins were also set ablaze, as the angry crowd chanted against the court decision.


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(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem / Video: @ILNewsFlash)


  1. They have a right to protest this terrible court order of the barbaric Israeli court.
    BUT, goodness, they are disturbing traffic on Kikar Shabbos and ganging up on police trying to maintain order? Could you imagine if Jews here in America would want to protest a court order would they dare assault the police officers?!

    Let them protest in front of the court giving out the order and even in front of the hospital. Let them negotiate with politicians as we do here in America if something like this (Hashem yishmor ) would happen.

    And on the secular Israeli side, they have to start respecting the Chareidy Jews way of life ( ummm. I don’t mean such hafganos though).

  2. The Hareidim learned years ago that the only thing that works against the GOI (Government Of Israel) is violence. Burn or break enough things and you will get what you want. This arises from a fundamental difference in perspective of the State from that of the National Religious. The Hareidim recognize the existence of the State of Israel but not its legitimacy. As such they will not hesitate to use violence when it will work to accomplish something important to them.

    Forced and even illegal autopsies have been a battle field on which the Hareidim have fought many campaigns against the GOI. Circumstantial evidence is not accepted in Halacha. So the results of such a procedure have no validity in a judgement. The respect due to a dead body is much more important. The only reason that I have heard that there can be an autopsy is if someone has died of an unknown disease and there is a danger of it spreading.

  3. The only difference bt National Religious & Charedim in this aspect has ZERO to do with State’s sovereignty or legitimate status.

    Torah teaches respect & honor to humanity. Before I can rant & rage I must consider my next door neighbor, the tzibur, how does fire fumes, traffic disasters, blocked streets effect them. Can & should a Yachid overwhelm & cause chaos to a tzibur??

  4. Those who think you can protest something like this the way one might do so in the United States don’t know what law enforcement and courts are like here in Eretz Yisrael. The State of Israel does not have a constitution; laws are interpreted more or less however the local, or Supreme Court, justice thinks they should be.

    Can you imagine a suspect being held in an American jail without being charged, with no rights, without being allowed contact with an attorney or even with his family? Well, that happens here all the time.

    Where there is no due process, the only thing people can do to protest is go wild, because that’s the only way anyone will pay any attention to you. Unless, of course, you’re a leftist organization. Then you’ll get all the media coverage and attention you need.

  5. EY Mom, wrong. The autopsy will not be prevented because these people set fire, disrupted traffic and assaulted police. It will happen because of pressure that will be exerted through political channels. Furthermore, if a very large hafganah were to take place peacefully in front of the hospital or court building you can bet the media, hungry for any action, will be there and it would be a hafganah l’shem shomayim, not like these hafganas which are a desecration of Hashem’s name and His Torah and the Chareidim.

  6. philosopher: You are completely naive about the authorities and government in the State of Israel. Completely and utterly naive. If you think a peaceful placid nice protest by Chareidim in front of government offices or court buildings in the State of Israel will have any effect or even make more than a 10 second blurb in the news media, if even that, you are sorely lacking knowledge of Israeli politics and media. If you think tying up the police in knots with the kind of protests you do see doesn’t result in the authorities avoiding situations of offending and harassing Chareidim, then you have not spend very much time living in the State of Israel.

  7. philosopher, stop worrying so much about our “image” to goyim and frei Torah-haters when we are getting sticks pocked in our eyes by these pork-eaters who are trying to grab our holy meisim to perform autopsies kneged halacha defiling the meis.

  8. First of all, we frum Jews have to make a kiddush Hashem. Whichever way you look at this, this is not a kiddush Hashem.

    Now we as Torah Jews have to measure our actions. Regardless of how we are percieved, we have to do the right thing. However when some of us act like “tzivildete briim” for nothing, our tarnished image is a chillul Hashem. After the air is cleared, what have these type of hafganas “oifgetin”? Imagine if, when protesing against the draft thousands of yungaleit and bucharim start acting like animals let out of the zoo like these people are doing! This would be a million times chillul Hashem! Imagine how the city would look? Would this be the actions of a ” got kodoish”? Baruch Hashem it is just a minority of brainwashed and bored individuals who are acting like this, but just because it’s on a small svale dpes this mean it is ok? It is absolutely NOT l’shem Shomayim.

    Regarding the medinah, I see the majority of police and soldiers as being goodhearted and kind and putting their life on the line to protect other Jews. I see the majority in Israel need kiruv ASAP to return to Hashem and His Torah. Yes, there are rabid anti-religious, liberal leftifts, but I believe that if not for frum meshuguim acting like chayos, barring the crazy leftists who’d sacrifice their own Jewish brothers to save a Palestinian, the vast majority of secular would not have a negative view of Chareidim which is a chillul Hashem by those who caused it. Never mind the goyim, who a vast percentage will hate us in any case, but Jews need to have a favorable view of one another.

  9. #2, you are 100% right!
    but it sounds like you never lived in Eretz Yisrael!
    anyone here knows that the court, police, and all low inforcement here are “religis jew haters” to negotiate is only posible when there is whith who to speak!!

  10. pushite yid, I don’t live in EY, however I visited a few times and found the people in police and army are generally nice people.

    As for the rabidly anti-religious, left wing liberal court, do you know that IDF soldiers are dragged into court as well every time they shoot terrorists?! Because of the left wingers trying to show the “world” how nice Jews are, every soldier who shoots at terrorists gets dragged into court. Why make the police and army into our enemies? Why call them Nazi? They come to clear roads in Chareidy areas, they watch put for terrorists that want to kill all of the Jewish people, not only secular, and they are called Nazis?! If they are being hit and called Nazis I understand if they react with anger which they generally don’t , they simply go about their business of trying to keep these idiots off the street.

  11. philosopher – are you clueless about Israeli police brutality? It is the norm not the exception. Israeli police are not anything like NYPD.

  12. Chuck Schwab, of course the NYPD is not anything like the Israeli police. The NYPD would never stand being called Nazis nor would they let themselves be run over like these protesters are.

    And the flip side of the coin, the NYPD is not so brutal as the Israeli police because Chareidim protesters don’t act like some Israeli Chareidim do.

    IT’S A TWO WAY STREET. A little respect for those keeping ( or trying to keep) law and order would go a long way in making the Israeli police less brutal.