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Sentence Handed Down in the Trial of Elor Azariya – 18 Months Imprisonment

idfThe IDF Military Court today, Tuesday, 25 Shevat announced the sentence in the manslaughter trial of Sgt. Elor Azariya. The young soldier was charged with manslaughter after firing at a wounded terrorist in Hebron last Purim, killing him.

The court acknowledged that the defendant was an exemplary soldier, served as the company’s medic, has always tried to contribute to society and that the incident is his first since he has always been an example of conduct and performance. The court also mentioned that it is aware that his remand to a base for ten months has had an effect on him as well as the health and well-being of his parents and family. All of these factors have been weighed prior to coming to a decision as to the verdict in the case.

The court was divided on the punishment. The sentence handed down is 18 months imprisonment and court martial to the rank of private. He will remain on probation for a number of years. If one-third is removed for good behavior as is the norm, he should not serve more than a year in prison. The court did not take his remand to the base during the trial into account for sentencing.

The terrorist was shot and wounded after stabbing an IDF soldier, a colleague of Azariya. He then responded and fired at the terrorist at close range, telling authorities he saw the terrorist moving and feared he might be reaching for a bomb on his body. Many testified and confirmed his version of the events as well as a number of people rejecting his version.

The court rejected most of the defense arguments. The prosecution asked for a 3-to-5-year sentence that does not include time served as Azariya has been restricted to his base throughout the trial, which has been about ten months. The defense asked for a year or two and including time served. The defense has indicated an appeal in the case is likely.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. An absolute embarrassment. Then people ask why don’t you want to serve in army. Answer simple would you want to serve in army that doesn’t have your back.

  2. Chareidim go to jail (for a few days) for evading the army while those who join the army go to jail (for 18 months) for killing terrorists.

  3. This is so outrageous there are no words for the extent of outrage. A terrorist should have no rights. These stupid people on the court would think differently if they were the soldier. They must be from the erev rav. I feel very sorry for the soldier and his family, and every soldier out there giving up their lives for us. I hope the government is smart enough to pardon him immediately so he doesn’t have to suffer anymore. Sorry, there is no manslaughter for a terrorist.

  4. A military court that reviewed the relevant facts and heard testimony from various parties concluded that Azariya was guilty of manslaughter. The army has rules and soldiers must keep them. When a soldier violates military law he damages the standing of Israel and the IDF (Just as American soldiers in Abu Ghraib damaged the US military and its operations in Iraq.) If Israel wishes to be treated and recognized as a western democracy it must enforce the rule of law even when it comes to crimes of soldiers.

  5. Arye is usual so off the wall with some if his conspiracy theories but his first comment here is actually spot on. Who in their right mind would be totally loyal to the state if they know they’re going to be prosecuted by the very same state for protecting the people they were asked to to protect?!!! Need to reform the judiciary ASAP although I doubt it will happen soon.

  6. I guess to quote Sen. ted Cruz this is “Zionist/Sodom values”, where soldiers who kill ARMED terrorists are put in jail while those sitting in the Zionist Knesset like Tibi and Zoabi support terrorists get a government salary and so called immunity. In a normal non-liberal country like Russia Azaria would be given medals that would take up his entire chest.

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