New OHEL Video Colorizes The World Of Mental Health Professionals


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Many people still view psychologists, social workers and psychiatrists through a grey or colorless prism.

To some, such professionals are often misunderstood as being individuals very clinical with a lacking in personality!

Nothing could be further from the truth – at least with OHEL’s mental health professionals, and a new video, “The Many Faces of OHEL Mental Health Professionals” proves this!

In this first-of-its-kind video, which took one day to film, and was produced by Yitz Brilliant, OHEL mental health professionals were interviewed and encouraged to speak freely about themselves, their own backgrounds , and their work. The video can be seen below.

OHEL operates regional family centers in Brooklyn, Far Rockaway, Teaneck, New Jersey and Monsey where mental health services are provided to individuals and families in the community.

Dr. Hindie Klein, Director of Tikvah at OHEL in Brooklyn comments that “whether ADHD related, addictions, marital strife, or depression resulting from a job loss, our professionals are able to meet the very different needs of individuals and families across the tri-state area. However, we know that many in the community are still unaware of the availability of services or are reluctant to seek help.”

Derek Saker, OHEL Director of Communications says the ongoing challenge in marketing mental health services is both the addressing associated stigma to seeking counseling and the misconception that such services are only for people in “dire crisis.” He says that “OHEL seeks to emphasize that mental health  services are very much for ordinary people who may face any number of life challenges and rather than ignoring – when it can get worse, proactively address and grow from the experience.”

In addressing these two issues, OHEL believed it was important to show the colorful mix of mental health professionals who prospective clients could better relate to – that is mental health professionals who while serious and passionate about their work, also have colorful and warm personalities .

It was a challenge, because on the one hand, it is serious work and a professionals may not wish to drop his or her guard down as it were, but at the same time, mental health professionals acknowledge that the better people can relate to such a professional, the greater receptivity there is to taking that first step in considering counseling.

For contact details of an OHEL Regional Family Center in your area, please visit , Call 1800-603-OHEL or Email [email protected].

(YWN Desk – NYC)


  1. poeple often compare minor mental disorders like ocd etc. to much larger problems like bipolar or other mood disorders. I think ohel should educate ordinary poeple they should know the various diff.