Senior Officials In Emanuel Municipality Arrested


Police have arrested a number of people suspected of illegal activity in the chareidi municipality of Emanuel including current and former officials. The arrests follow an undercover investigation taking place during recent months, leading to the arrests related to their current or former positions in the municipality.

The primary suspect is an official of the local Chabad community who allegedly was involved in deal-making in local elections in 2013 in exchange for support at the polls. In addition, there are allegations of taking bribes from local contractors to advance building projects in the city. police on Tuesday morning arrested three primary suspects as well as conducting a search in the municipality offices.

Persons who know the primary suspect told the media “This is a man who illegally invaded the area and submitted dozens of complaints to police after the head of the local council ordered him to be removed from the area. Reports that permission was given for limud Torah in the local community center are false. The document published is false. The fact is, Chabad did not enter the community center for limud”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)