Haaretz Report: Israeli Military Police Throw Frum Girl Into Jail


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bb.jpgHaaretz is reporting that Shiran Asoulin, a 25-year-old Frum woman, has spent the last week in a military prison. According to their report, the newlywed woman tried in vain to convince the military police that she had declared her religiosity at the rabbinate at the age of 17 and received an exemption from serving in the IDF.

She claims that the exemption was faxed to the IDF, but never reached the recruiting office.


  1. Sadly this is another example that the sole purpose of the state of israel is to eradicate all frumkeit from Eretz Yisroel. Vecol Horisoh Kuloh Keoshon Tichleh.

  2. Baruch Hashem we can show these reshoyim that we will go to prison rather than allowing women to serve in their immoral and corrupt forces.

    Far worse will happen to a woman in the zionist military, than in a zionist prison (as horrendous as their prisons are for a frum woman.)

    No one needs reminding of the rampant immorality in the idf. As spiritually harmful as it is for a Torah man to join it, it is many multitudes worse for a Torah woman.

  3. Whoa cowboys!
    The point here is not how detrimental the army is for men or women (women can do service other than the army to be yozai their responsibility to Am Yisrael in which they are in as frum a society as they like).

    The point here is that as far as the army is concerned she didn’t get her exemption from the army. This btw is not a difficult thing – they ask a few very easy questions, and if you attend a religious high school its basically granted automatically – you just have to show up and sign!

    It is possible that they didnt get the paperwork, but it is also possible that she didnt take care of it properly – she certainly didnt follow up – when she didnt receive her teudat ptor (exemption certificate) she should have checked it out.

  4. Excuse me but not to add oil to the fire but there is 3 sides to every story hers,theirs and the truth.
    How dare someone call the IDF reshoyim
    if that is not hating a jew then what is?
    i fought and bled for israel and you have the chutzpah to call us reshoyim
    evreyone says how it should be done from behind a keyboard or at the mikva if you are not happy do something about it.
    i am frum and remained frum during my army service heck i think thats what kept me alive always having my teffilin in the jeep no i was not in a chareidi unit and yes i patrooled on yom kippur but it was for a toieles keeping yidden (all of your relatives and children who go there to learn marry and live) in eretz yisroel safe
    so before we condemn find out the facts it is the job of the person requesting the deferment to follow up on the request nit just let it fall into the cracks
    oh and by the way military prison is not that bad
    been there done that actualy it is a vacation from getting shot at and blown up

    thats my rant and im sticking to it

  5. Once again the Zionist element is making the lives of a religious person miserable. Is anyone surprised? Imagine if this was a NK member. That person would be thrown in the torture chamber.

  6. Absolutely.
    And it is well-known the rampant immorality that occurs in the idf.

    No civilized society in the world drafts woman into an army. Only the zionists regime. (But then again, they are hardly civilized.)

    Godol after godol have made all of these points. I am not making any chidushim here.

  7. To former IDF: You should learn the facts about the IDF and the Zionist propaganda machine. You are a typical Zionist with absolutely no Zionist education. I saw with my own eyes what the Zionist establishment does to innocent people who happen to be in the IDF’s or the Mishtara’s vicinity. It is not so pleasant to see totally innocent people be beaten. Before you “fought and bled” for Israel, why didn’t you get yourself educated about the Zionists and their true goals?

  8. Formeridf;

    I thank you for your courage, much appreciated,

    For all of you out there who are bashing the idf and alluding to them as Rishoyim, where on earth is your sensitivity to a poster who claims he risked his life for his fellow Jews??? cRITICIZE ALL YOU WANT but show some ‘Hakoros Hatov’ to someone who served ‘Lishmo’!

    Please, think before you go on an insensetive ranting stampede!

  9. I think that anyone who is familiar with the famous declaration of the Chazon Ish, ZT”L, that military service for women in the IDF–including non-military compulsory “national Service”–is Yeharog, VeAl YaaVor, understands that this woman is totally within her rights in refusing to be drafted.

    The recent scandals of abuse within the IDF, going up to the highest levels (General Yitzchok Mordechai), underscore the perils facing innocent young women there.

    The cold-blooded bureaucratic justifications of the IDF by “Chardal” (no. 6), concerning her possible “paperwork” problems, read like something out of nazi Germany (“I was just following orders”).

  10. Whoha!! If they were trying to get frum girls in trouble, dnot you think this would happen more than just 1 time every several years, when there are ka’h 100,000 frum girls that age!!

    I agree with with # 6, 7, 8, 10 & 13!!

  11. # 16,
    No one is arguing about that here. The only issue is that she must fill out the proper forms as tens of thousands of others did. Did she or did she not do that??

  12. #20, The zionists are arguing with that.

    They have made very loud and clear that they would like nothing less than drafting the Yeshivaleit and girls into their army.

  13. to number 19 it is military jail not a civilian jail i spoke with someone in the shalishut (personell)and he states that the person is being treated as a mishtamet (draft dodger) and a draft dodger does some time in jail till evreything is figured out while not pleasant it is not as bad as the keyboard wariors think
    however this is not a normal case she assumed it was taken care of instead of verifing and we all know what happens when we assume lol so all she had to do if she really is frum and not playing like lots of people do claimg toratom emunatam then all she had to do was make sure the ptor went thru

    Joseph and notenough shtultz my guess is you belong to neturei karta or just clueless self hating jews just remember te sacrafice of thousands of yidden so when you travel to israel you enter at ben gurion not the yseer arafat memorial airport

    Thanks for all the support

  14. Yochi-No.20:

    Oi-Vey, don’t tell me you accept the baloney TerEtz that, if someone is too stupid or too negligent to fill out a form, the Government is entitled to put her in jail.

    Why is she not given an opportunity to fill out the form and go home–don’t you understand, this is RishUs!

    In the Nazi death camps, if you didn’t stand in line properly, you were shot–same idea!

  15. oi deepthinker you dont really belive what you type makink comparisons to the nazis
    a procedure is a procedure thas thousands of people do yearly
    after the fact you just dont fill out a form and go home
    let me give you a for instance you dont pay your taxes for 10 years you grt caught and you think if i just pay them i can go home and face the music
    this fine young lady did not follow the rules and in a society of rules you gots to follow them

    think deep and you will see the logic

  16. DeepThinker –
    While I am not familiar with the Chazon Ishs psak, I do know that the “military service for women in the IDF–including non-military compulsory “national Service”” is not compulsory. Once a girl has her exemption, she doesnt HAVE to do anything, at least legally. Morally, ethically, well thats something else. And the proof of it – one of the organizations that places the girls, and arranges compulsory weekly shiurim is called “Haagudah LHITNATVUT ba’am” – the organization for volunteering in the nation…

  17. What happens in America or any other society when you dont fill out the forms to , for example , get a drivers license and you drive anyway?? When you get caught do they just let you sign the form and let you continue driving? OR taxes, or anything else?

    The fact is that the army is the reason that you are able to and feel safe going to Eretz Yisrael, sending your children there on summer programs and to Yeshivas!

    Do you think that if there were no army you would be able to daven at the Kosel, Kever Rochel, or Maaras HaMachpela?? Do you really think that only the not yet religous boys should serve in the army? Do you think there would be any sensitivity towards the frum society if that were the case? Fighting to keep Am Yisrael safe and alive, and in Eretz Yisrael is a huge, enormous thing. I am sorry that many dont feel that this is an important thing. Just imagine how it would be if the Arabs were in charge…. think back to 1929…

  18. #21 read what I wrote.. I wrote “here” no one is arguing about that.

    #22 Why does it always have to be negative. She did not feel out the paper and the country, although its run by a bunch of yiddelach does have laws and that is one of them. You dont like it, run for knesset and change the law or move to another country.

    # 25 see what I wrote to # 22.

    I had more than one chaver who was arrested as soon as they arrived in Israel, since their parents are Israelis. We dont like it, we dont agree with it, but that is the law. Wake up in the US, take care of it at the embassy and everything is good. Show up at Ben Gurion without being messader it in advance and you get arrested.

    Why is this difficult to understand?