VIDEOS/PHOTOS: Protests After Rabbi Berland’s Motorcade Runs Over Two People



There were angry protests on the streets of Bnei Brak on motzei Shabbos in reaction to an incident involving the motorcade of Rabbi Eliezer Berland, who was attending a function in Bnei Brak.

The motorcade struck two people on Shlomo HaMelech Street, leading to continued protesting against Rabbi Berland’s presence in the area.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Dont let his beard and payos fool you. The only reason he has a beard and payos is simply Because he never shaved it off . Nothing more nothing less!

  2. Why is he always referred to as RABBI? In my day one who earned the title only was called rabbi: one with credentials. Does this man have the credentials?

  3. Based on the nearly universal contempt among all segments of the tzibur for this clown masquaradig as a”rav” , as evidenced by the postings in response to this article and others, I suspect there wouldn’t be many yidden saying tehilim if next time, it his Berland who is at the receiving end. The article doesn’t say anything about injuries so hopefully, the two victims were not seriously hurt. What will it take to put him away permanently?

  4. Can’t get more fake news than this!

    I was there. The reality was exactly the opposite as described here!

    3000 people came to hear the Ravs drasha while 15 crazy’s protested outside. One of those crazy’s rammed over the crowed waiting to get in. The 2 injured were people who came to hear the story.

    Ad mosai we continue to be shocked the way the yidden are negatively and falsely portrayed in the media, but when we come to our own brothers we do the same. Achen Noda Hadavar.

  5. More Fake News by YWN.

    You guys are Evil.

    The crowds where there to see him not the other way. The people in the last video are the Rodfim who are filled with jealousy. Everyone knows YWN is a Chabad run website (which whom I love) You should be ashamed of yourselves. You yourself know how people were Rodef the Rebbe in extreme ways.
    Stop the YWN Sinas Chinam!!!!
    Or we will be forced to post on other sites how evil your site is.

  6. Azoy…so the two people run over by the “Rav’s” motorcade were the Rav’s own chassidim who came for “storytime”??? Neither your comment about what actually happened nor your editorial criticism of YWN makes any sense.