Rav Mazuz: Sephardi Girls In Particular Suffering From Efforts To Induct Women Into The IDF


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The saga surrounding the gezeira of enlistment of girls does not drop from the agenda, and after the Sephardic rabbis’ atzeres held last Thursday, where the rabbis spoke out vehemently against the harassment of religious girls by the army, other rabbis express the danger of girls enlisting.

MKs Yaakov Litzman, Moshe Gafni, Meir Porush, Yoav Ben-Tzur and Uri Maklev, are expected to meet with senior members of the defense establishment and the IDF to discuss the matter.

Deputy Minister Meir Porush also told Kol Yisrael Radio at the end of the week that the situation is currently heading in a bad direction. According to him, it no longer goes as smooth as in the past and that there are cases of chareidi girls getting entangled in efforts to draft them.

HaGaon HaRav Bentzion Mutzafi Shlita, one of the leading Sephardic halakhic authorities, spoke harshly regarding the issue of enlisting girls into the army.

Rav Mutzafi calls for an tenacious war against these efforts, to protect Sephardi girls, many innocently entering the IDF without an idea what awaits them.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Start educating Sefardic girls about the dangers starting in 6th grade. Enough is enough, we live in the 21st century – an excuse “they are not aware of the dangers” is ridiculous. Have woman with experience come & speak to girls early on.
    Be honest, accurate, stop smashing lap top screens with hammers, wearing amulets instead of treating sicknesses, discuss problems, see therapists if necessary & join 21st Century oF society or GIRLS WILL NOT TAKE IT SERIOUSLY!!!