Are The Chareidim Still Viewed As Likud’s Best Coalition Partners?


There was a period of time that many would opine the chareidi parties are the Likud’s best and most natural coalition partners. However, today, many feel Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu wants early elections to unload the Chareidi burden, however, doing so at the expense of another.

That is to say, he does not want to be the cause of early elections, hoping it will fall on Yisrael Beitenu and the party’s unwillingness to accept the amended new draft bill. If this is not the case, Mr. Netanyahu could run the coalition on a one-seat majority as he did for the first year of the current coalition, during the time Yisrael Beitenu remained in opposition.

If one looks at the history of the coalition, one can see being partners with the chareidim was not easy. There was the draft bill that was overturned by the Supreme Court. Then came the machlokes surrounding the Kosel and the egalitarian prayer area – Robinson’s Arch and non-recognition of Reform and Conservative.

This was not all, for then there was the increasing chilul Shabbos, which led to the passage of the controversial Shabbos/Makolet Law, which many believe will be toppled by the High Court as well.

It may entirely be possible that Mr. Netanyahu wishes to head to elections and unload the chareidi burden in exchange for secular coalition partners.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. No other group of Israeli political beings would be content with some patronage crumbs and protecting their own community, while giving Likud a free hand to do whatever it wants in terms of economic and foreign policy. Likud values coalition partners who refrain from kibbitzing on what matters to Likud.