Aguna Receives ‘Get’ After Husband Arrested For Driving Without License


A woman who has been an agunah for two years has received her “get” B’chasdei Hashem.

Last week, a beis din stepped in and sent recalcitrant husband Yaron Atias, 39, from Ashdod, to jail for a week after he was apprehended driving without a license. His driver’s license was revoked because he would not give a get. Atias was placed in cherem by the beis din after failing to appear several times, as well as the subject of ‘shaming’ towards compelling a get .

The dayanim told Atias that if he continues to refuse to give a bill of divorce, his incarceration would be extended, far more than a week until a get is given.

On Thursday evening 17 Sivan, responding to an appeal, the President of the High Court of Justice approved the Rabbinate’s decision to imprison the husband. Justice Hayut in her decision wrote, “After reviewing the arguments of the parties, I come to the conclusion that there is no reason to intervene in the decision of the beis din that exercised its authority. This is not a trivial phenomenon. For a very long period of time, the respondent refrained from fulfilling the judgment handed down in his case and ordered him to grant the petitioner a divorce. The severity of such behavior and the harm caused to the applicant need not be overemphasized, and it has already been ruled that the Rabbinical Court and the courts must combat this phenomenon.”

Rabbonim from the Rabbanut last Friday spoke with him with the assistance of the legal council of the Rabbanut’s Agunah Unit, reaching an understanding. It is reported that MK Yehuda Glick also played an instrumental part in negotiating with Yoram to give the get. As such, a special hearing was convened by the Haifa Beis Din on erev Shabbos to have the husband give the get.

Yoram arrived in the beis din, escorted by agents of the Israel Prison Service. B’chasdei Hashem the husband was good to his word and the get was given.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. I wish we had a system that would keep the husband after this get was finally given, and deliver him a good, embarrassing thrashing. This would not constitute get me’usa as it happens afterwards.

  2. Amazing how love turns to hate so often
    A man can be the biggest baal tzdoko in town, when he gets divorced he wants to see his ex on the street with nothing amazing

  3. Loshanhora: This lady is NOT his ex,she remains his wife,forcing a get thruh jail time and revoking a drivers liscence can only produce a get meusa,halachically they’re still just as married as on the day after thier chasuneh!

  4. I hate to burst your bubble refoelzeev but this country (Israel) is rife with renegade dayannim who don’t care too much about halachah, and even less about causing mamzerus in Israel

  5. It is well known anong those in the know that the rabbanuts standards in gittin are very high. The Avvos beis din are massive talmidei chachamim. Please refrain from zilzul Torah and run to ask mechilla if you were nichshal.

    Not that it matters, but the rabbanut is by and large run by the chareidi kehilla. While some may choose to hold by another standard, the rabbanut’s hashgachos are 100% kosher (I heard this myself from many chareidi gedolim) and their standards for gittin are world class.

  6. Haven’t you ever heard of the Gemara “Kofim Oso Ad Sheomer Rotzeh Ani”?

    Apparently you not only know better than the Rabbonim of E”Y, you know better than the Gemara and Rishonim.

    Maybe you think you know better than Hashem too?

    If you offered him one million dollars to give the Get, that would also be a Get Meuseh according to you, since he would be “forced by the money.”

  7. I hate to burst your bubble moeisrael but the internet is rife with renegade “experts” in halacha who don’t know too much about halacha and love to show off their ignorance.

  8. I humbly state that I lack halachic expertise in gittin, and am not addressing the psak halacha here. But I am quite glad the guy got nailed. I hope all truly recalcitrant husbands get nailed for their rish’us. Having stated that, there are fake agunos, who have simply made impossible demands of their husbands in exchange for agreeing to accept a get, and these husbands did not agree to the undue and unfair pressure. These are not true agunos, and they are the ones that should get nailed. So to all the commenters who wish to cast blame on either gender, cool it. It’s close to 50:50 in terms of being responsible for a get not being given.

  9. “the rabbanut’s hashgachos are 100% kosher (I heard this myself from many chareidi gedolim)”

    That is utter hogwash. The rabbanut uses mashgichim who don’t even wear a kippah.

  10. For all the armchair poskim here who condemn the court and beis din for working together to give this woman back her life , I can only wish for your children to be in her place and wonder how your views regarding the mamzerus of your grandchildren would change. The decisions here were not reached by some
    “renegade” experts in halacha. It was a decision of the rabbonim from the beis din of Haifa, where the courts and prison service acted responsibly to assist.

  11. Unbelievable how everyone jumps to conclusions. There are no details on this situation. None. Not even one side. And we’re all ready to give a psak on who’s right who’s wrong get me’usa. We should just all be gratified that ppl who were in a very tough situation is finally over

  12. Uncle Ben: The Shulchan Aruch and Rambam clearly pasken that if a Beis Din orders a husband to give a Get when halachicly he wasn’t required to and the Beis Din was unjustified in ordering him to give it, then the Get is invalid (Get Me’usa) despite it having been ordered by Beis Din.