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How NBC News Reported The Historic Visit Of Hagaon HaRav Moshe Sternbuch [MASSIVE PHOTO GALLERY]

The following is an unedited article by NBC News in New York on the historic visit of HaGaon HaRav Moshe Sternbuch. The article focuses specifically on the visit to Boro Park on Monday.

As YWN has extensively reported, Rav Sternbuch traveled to the United States for the first time in 20 years to be the keynote speaker at a massive Satmar anti-Zionist rally on Sunday in Nassau Coliseum.

“Hundreds of Hasidic Jews thronged the streets in Borough Park, Brooklyn, Monday morning to catch a glimpse, or perhaps even a blessing, from an esteemed rabbi visiting from Israel.

Chopper 4 was over the scene as Rabbi Moshe Sternbuch’s car departed the borough about midday.

At times the push to get a hand on the car got physical, with fists flying and some men falling to the ground.

The rabbi, 93, gave a keynote speech at Nassau Coliseum on Sunday.

His entrance to New York City also made the news, with reports that his arrival was allegedly given an illegal light and siren escort by members of the Satmar Hasidic sect.

The NYPD has said it was aware of the reports about the escort and was investigating.


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  1. whats the deal with the lights and sirens escort? Is that Hatzalah? I gotta ask… how is that whole thing happening? Or is it the police?

  2. I would much rather be looking at pictures of the beautiful Israel day Parade, and the wonderful Kiddush haShem created by Chabad who were assisting many beautiful Jews fulfill the important Mitzvah of Hanochas Tefillin.

  3. RABBIS: We Expect from These Rebbeim NO LOSHON HARAH about fellow Jews in Israel, NO SINAS CHINAM! We expect BROCHOS for all Klal Yisroel and Divrei Chizuk to uplift and inspire. We expect BROCHOS for the Yodden serving in Army defending their brothers lives, and we Expect BROCHOS for those Yidden Learning in YESHIVOS, and those Working making livings. All of Tanach Yidden were fighting wars with armies even under non observant leaders, fighting to not be under Goyish rule. There is no Halacha that says Jews can Join with Goyim to attack Jews. We see Yidden GIVING RESPECT and wanting favors from NOT FRUM Chuck SCHUMER, And Yidden always filed Exemptions from Drafts in all countries so Israel they should too, not Riot in Streets like Arabs. Yidden always should show dignity and respect, and bring honor and Kovod to Torah and those who dress like Bnai Torah need to act with Darchei Noam, gentle kindness, consideration of others, Chesed, Ahavas Chinam

  4. Look at how much money was spent on hate. The point of his coming to america was not for kavod hatorah, it was for sinas zionism. I have the greatest respect for our rabbonim, whether I follow their derech or not. But this is ludicrous and downright disgusting.

  5. Why did it take 5 days for the police to initiate an investigation of the circus parade of sirens and flashing lights used for the Rav’s motorcade last week. Clearly, if they are investigating, it was not a legally authorized motorcade. At this point, the issue is probably moot since they are unlikely to take any action against the Rav who will probably be back in EY by the time they conclude their investigation. Its unlikley the Rav was even aware his hosts were breaking the law.

  6. chareidi amiti
    Again being histrionic?
    We could all mock and dismiss Satmar,
    But the Kavod given for HaRav Sternbuch is glorious and beautiful

  7. > It is Time for Truth

    “But the Kavod given for HaRav Sternbuch is glorious and beautiful”

    What kavod do you see? This reminds me of the story in the Gemara where two young kohanim were vying for “kavod” of G-d, to perform a certain service in the Temple. So one stabs the pother to death to win the appointment. Such “kavod” shown to G-d.

  8. geordreg

    so the gavad asked for this koved, huh ?!! …you soine yisroel….remember what the gemmorah says the penalty to those who mock holy people…. mes bruchous 19a top

  9. geordrg jun 5 5 42
    by the the way your ignorance shows ….they did not run for koved…they ran for zechus of performing the mizvah!!
    see mes yoma. 2nd perek (?)

  10. Leahleh,etc.,

    Mostly will agree,but carte blanche?
    Rabbi Akiva was able to turn unhappy situations on their head and look for their positive silver lining (BT Makos 24a). But he certainly did not say “thank God this is what we have been longing for” when he saw the fox running out of the area where the Holy of holies used to stand.

    Even the Maharal who seems to insist that a secular government must be in place prior to the Redemption did not ask that we embrace the likes of modern day Achav , Omri, or Yerovom(see Sefer Melachim).who still wield influence

  11. I am not form Satmar – I live in Yerushalaim and the RAAVAD is very very respected here

    I think THE YESHIVA WORLD should not allow direspecful comments here

    Wher is Kavod HaTOrah?

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