WATCH: A Child Explains His Father’s Injuries From Rocket Attack


In the following video, Shalev Levi, son of Avi Levi, describes the events leading to his dad’s injuries. Mr. Levi was injured by rocket shrapnel in his arm and has undergone surgery and is now recuperating.

Avi explains: I was playing in my room and the Red Alert was heard, and abba told me to remain in the safe room, which I did. When the alert ended, he went outside but I remained inside. A few seconds later, there was another Red Alert. I went to look what was going on and saw my sister’s room. There was smoke and fire. I walked towards the living room and abba shouted “get out of the house quickly”. As he said this, I saw he was bleeding considerably from his arm. I found something on the ground to wrap his arm in and I asked a neighbor to come and assist.

The Spokesman Unit of Soroka Hospital in Beersheva reports a slight improvement in the woman injured, and she is now breathing on her own and totally conscious. She is listed in moderate condition and remains in an intensive care unit. Another victim of rocket fire from the same incident was treated in the emergency room and released from the hospital.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem / Video Credit: Barzilai Hospital Spokesman Unit)


  1. Please this clip @United Nations Plenum; Oops:- I meant @United Nations Cesspool, and then give them a live example of a rocket attack on their East Side premises.