WATCH THIS: IDF Levels Multi-Story Building in Gaza, Allegedly A Hamas Headquarters


The IDF destroyed an alleged Hamas headquarters at the Al-Shati Camp in western Gaza City on Thursday afternoon. The explosion shook buildings in Gaza City as dust and gray smoke filled the air. Eighteen Palestinians were reportedly wounded in the strike, according to the Hamas-run Gaza health ministry.

According to the Hamas-affiliated Shehab news outlet, the target was identified as the “Said al-Mishal Cultural Center”.

Israeli media reported that the building belonged to Hamas and was used as a headquarters.

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Palestinian terrorists on the Gaza Strip launched at least 150 rockets at Israel overnight, and Israel retaliated by pounding the region with deadly airstrikes.

Israel deployed its Iron Dome system and intercepted 25 launches, though several civilians were injured by shrapnel.


  1. How does leveling an empty building with no casualties deter an enemy from continuing their terrorism? They are laughing at the ineptness of Israel. All talk, no do. The lack of term limits in Israel is destroying them.

  2. If you look closely , it looks like there were also detonators planted on the lower lever of the building which went off just prior to the missles.

  3. IDF: stop the BS of doing something. all the empty building that have been bombed have not stopped anything. Wake up and have a cup of coffee.

    We need real leaders in the knesset who can do something other than blowing up empty buildings and basically doing nothing….

  4. Chareidi amiti, thanks!
    You stole my thunder!

    All the other comments are correct but you’ve all got to remember, like it or not, the world is against us! Just look at how our ABC reports the goings on! It’s scary!