FAKE NEWS EXPOSED: Watch How Channel 10 Changed Video of SINGING El Al Passengers to “SCREAMING”


Thanks to totally fake news reports in Israel about the El Al flights on Friday, the Internet is flooded with fictitious reports of Chareidim assaulting the flight crew, and some saying the Chareidim nearly broke open the cockpit door.

News10 in Israel took their Fake News reporting to an entirely new level.

They “doctored-up” a video of Chareidim on the flight singing Shabbos songs, and instead reported it as “screaming and shouting”.

The video below is self-explanatory. The first 50 seconds shows singing. After that is the same footage, but the audio is totally different.

It’s because of anti-Chareidi news outlets like News10, that have caused Fake News and anti-Charieid hatred to be spread around the globe.

[LAWSUIT: Passengers File $2.5M Lawsuit; El Al Now Admits ‘Violence’ By Chareidim Was NOT Cause of Delay]

As YWN has reported, thankfully a prominent Israeli news correspondent Yehuda Schlesinger was among those on the flight, a person who is not chareidi or frum, and he describes what he saw, a far cry from the ‘fake news’ reports. Read what he saw here.

In addition to Schlesinger, as the truth is becoming evident to all who wish to see the facts and accept them, Yisrael Cohen, a correspondent for the daily Hebrew Haaretz daily admits “I too fell prey to the fake news regarding the El Al flight and the chareidim,” explaining he turned his phone on after Shabbos and saw the headlines of the ‘Shabbos flight’ and the reports of the “chareidi violence” which took place on board.

So our readers fully understand how far and fake this story has become, here is just one example from a Russian news agency called “Sputnik News”. This entire story – from the headline onwards – is one big Fake News story.

It has not in been edited in any form by YWN other than making words bold:

Ultra-Orthodox Jews Beat Up Flight Attendant to Land Plane to Keep Shabbat Law

Ultra-orthodox passengers on board two Israel-bound El Al planes that took off from New York on Thursday assaulted flight attendants out of fear that they would arrive after the beginning of the Jewish Shabbat.

Both flights were delayed by hours due to a snowstorm in New York that resulted in the delay or cancellation of hundreds of flights.

After the planes finally took off, a number of passengers grew angry despite the fact that the El Al crew assured they would arrive before sundown Friday when Shabbat begins, according to a passenger on one of the planes, Roni Meital.

Meital posted a short video on Facebook and a lengthy caption to explain what had happened, criticising the behaviour of the religious individuals:

“After six hours of flying, I suddenly heard screaming and saw a flight attendant crying after she was hit, pushed amid threats they would break open the door to the cockpit. I found myself standing and protecting flight attendants who were crying and who just wanted to catch their breath after the behaviour toward them,” she wrote.

Meital lauded the crew for their patience and suggested that “the commandment to keep Shabbat observance is greater than loving your neighbour as you love yourself.”

Shimon Sheves, who served as general director of the Israeli prime minister’s office under the late Yizhak Rabin, also appeared to be on board one of the planes.

“Within a deep sleep, I hear shouts of ‘liars, fraudsters’ and hands waving and beating flight attendants who broke down in tears. If I didn’t see it, I would not have believed it,” he wrote on Facebook.

One of the planes ultimately diverted to Athens, while the second continued its flight to Ben Gurion Airport due to a medical condition of a woman who needed to reach Israel.

“The extreme weather in New York caused cancellations and delays of takeoffs for hundreds of flights for airlines, including El Al flights on Thursday evening. Despite the many cancelled flights we succeeded in getting flight 002 out of New York for our passengers, with a stop in Athens. El Al made sure passengers had a fight that same day that continued to Israel,” the airline said in a statement to Hebrew-language media.

“It should be emphasised the company does not tolerate violence toward the [flight] crew and we will determinedly and without compromise act in accordance with the law against any passenger whom a complaint is filed against, as we have done so far,” the statement continued.

Orthodox Jews fully observe thirty-nine categories of activity prohibited on Shabbat, which include travel and work restrictions.


  1. Seems like people who have no qualms about violating G-d’s laws, have no qualms about lying about people to serve their agenda either. Who would have figured?

  2. Is it possible to interest one of the other TV channels to show the blatant and obvious LIE and FAKE NEWS? Is it possible to sue channel 10 for slander? It should at least be on the Hidabrut station.

  3. It seems channel 10 is the fake news CNN of Israel. What I don’t understand is since the pilot said he is returning to the gate and then proceeded to take off against the will of many of the passengers isn’t that a form of kidnapping. Shouldn’t the Justice department look into this if the laws of the land were violated.

  4. thank you very much to all those Jews who got on that flight. as they reported boarding started at 8:30 p.m. which means there’s no way that airplane is getting in the air before 9:15 p.m. which if there’s no delays lands in Israel at 2:15 p.m. this is putting yourself in a situation of possibly desecrating the holy Shabbos. I’m sorry to say, they do not really care about the sanctity of the Holy Shabbat. how can you put your trust in the Holy Shabbat in the hands of some non religious person who has his own money issues and that’s more important than anything else to him

  5. Sounds like a “riot” to me….the most off-key rendition of “yismachu” ever posted here in the CR other than the bunch of the guys at the Thursday night cholent kumzitz over at Holy Schnitzel Restaurant near JFK posted a few years ago.

  6. “Good” Jew, when they bought their tickets they were leaving five hours for emergencies. When boarding was delayed 2.5 hours, they undoubtedly congratulated themselves on having been so prudent, and thought they would now be on their way, with another 2.5 hours left in case of any further delays. If worst came to worst, they’d spend Shabbos at the airport. They had no reason to anticipate a further 2-3 hour delay, and when it finally was clear that they weren’t making in time, they tried to get off. What more do you want of them?

    HOW DARE you accuse them of not caring about Shabbat? Who the **** are you to say that about someone? Five hours is enough safety margin for all foreseeable delays, and a person is not obliged to worry about unforseeable ones. Yes, they took a risk; life is about risks. Every time you step into a car or cross the road you take a risk. Fear of taking risks is a mental illness. A normal person balances every risk against the alternatives and the benefits, and decides whether it is reasonable.

    Don’t forget that had the crew showed up on time as all the passengers did, there would have been no delay at all.

  7. “Mr”Milhouse,They were leaving five hours for emergencies??, Everyone know with that type of weather expect delays.
    What about having to get off the plane go thru passport control get luggage and get to destination for Shabbat???

    “If worst came to worst, they’d spend Shabbos at the airport”?? Thats called caring about the sanctity of the holy day??

    They boarded that plane at 8:30 at Best get in the air at 9:15 Landing at 2:15 that’s still cutting it very tight.

    Unfortunately this is not the first time it happened but I hope and pray it’s the last time. anyone make me a ticket so these type of flights is putting them in a situation of possibly desecrating the Shabbos or desecrating God’s name.

    Ill tell you who the **** i am to say that about someone!!
    Unfortunately people in America wait till the last second and hope things work out. check with A Rabbi that knows the laws of Judaism about traveling before Shabbat.

    After this story which is not the first I’m sorry if you are not intelligent enough to understand, Five hours is NOT enough safety margin for all foreseeable delays, and a person IS obliged to worry about unforseeable ones!!

  8. What they REALLY REALLY cared about was not losing the work day on Thursday. what they REALLY REALLY cared about was not losing their ticket. When they saw there was a delay, They “hoped” things will work out. I don’t call that caring about SHABBAT. They care about Shabbat when there are no other issues involved.