Rockets Strike Eilat on Wednesday Morning [UPDATED 11:29 IL]


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ywnisrael.israel09:16 IL: Sirens sounded in the southern resort city of Eilat a short time ago. Police are confirming a number of rockets were fired into the city, with at least one landing in an urban area. Unconfirmed reports indicated two additional rockets landed in an open area.

Additional information will be reported as confirmed details are released by authorities.

09:20: Channel 2 News reports it appears additional rockets landed in Aqaba. The report adds the Iron Dome did not respond to the incoming rockets. Officials are trying to determine why the rocket defense system did not launch intercept rockets.

09:22: One of the rockets landed in a yard of a private home in Eilat. B’chasdei Hashem no injuries are being reported.

09:26: Police report Eilat’s airport has been closed to all incoming and outgoing flights in response to rocket fire. Authorities are questioning why the Iron Dome did not respond since the incoming threat was detected as sirens were sounded in the city.

10:09: El Al and other flights may once again take off from Eilat Airport. Incoming flights are still prohibited following the rocket fire into the city earlier today.

10:26: Jordan’s official state news agency quotes a senior military official anonymously stating that despite earlier reports that a rocket or two landed in Aqaba, no rockets impacted in that country.

10:30: Walla News report damage to a building in a southern Eilat building site as a result of earlier rocket attacks. No injuries are being reported.

11:29: South Sinai Governor Khaled Fouda told Sky News in Arabic that Israeli reports that the rockets were fired from Sinai are false and in actuality, he is certain the rockets were not fired from Egypt.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)