SHAS GOING ALONE: Deri Destroys Hope of Unification of Chareidi Parties In Elections [VIDEO & PHOTOS]


Following an elongated period of talks, where it was reported that numerous attempts were made at unification with Degel Hatorah and Agudah Yisroel (Yahadut Hatorah), Shas chairman and party leader Aryeh Deri said that this will not be happening.

Deri suggested that Shas join forces to create a technical block only after the elections are held and that the parties should not run together on a single ballot.

At a conference, during which Deri kicked off the Shas campaign in Bat Yam, Deri spoke about the goals of the Shas party in making an effort to maintain their hold on the Sephardic voting population in the city. “We worked in partnership with our brothers from United Torah Judaism in the past – Be’ezras Hashem after the elections we will do so again and create a unified block for coalition negotiations.”

Deri continued and said: “Our goal is to strengthen the power of the Charedi voting population. I therefore recommend that you encourage the entire Charedi voting population to vote for only Charedi parties.”

Deri praised PM Netanyahu’s leadership, and emphasized Shas’s loyalty to him. He expressed sympathy for the legal trouble that Netayahu is going through.

“Netanyahu is the best prime minister we’ve had. We support him and will recommend him to the president to be the next prime minister.”

“Everyone needs to know if you fulfill the will of the Maran Hagaon HaRav Ovadia Yosef ZATZAL, and vote Shas you’ll be fulfilling Maran’s will and get Bibi as well.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. and vote Shas you’ll be fulfilling Maran’s will and get Bibi as well.” Exponentially more so fulfilling and honoring his legacy, when you Deri take Elie Yishai aboard with you, as per the directives of your Mentor Rav Ovadia Yoseph ZTKLLH’H.