The IDF Is Preparing For A Violent Nakba Day


The Palestinians on Wednesday are observing what they call Nakba (Disaster) Day, the day of the establishment of the State of Israel. The IDF and all other security forces are standing ready for widespread Palestinian violence.

Among other things, the Palestinians are expected to hold mass demonstrations in Gaza at the initiative of Hamas, and it is possible that similar demonstrations will take place in Yehuda and Shomron.

The IDF hopes that the unseasonably hot weather that will prevail today, as well as the Ramadan fast, will make it difficult for the demonstrators to riot, but are preparing with great force to prevent infiltrations into Israel and the perpetration of terrorist attacks.

At the same time, in recent days, the Iron Dome system has been deployed in the south and center of the country in order to provide a response to rocket fire, should it occur during the day.

In addition, IDF forces have been reinforced at bases adjacent to Gaza and will be redeployed to the Gaza border if needed, and the forces in the Gaza perimeter communities have been reinforced, but there are no special instructions for the residents, so that the security establishment is preparing for a serious escalation in light of the assessment that the demonstrations will end at the outposts alongside the fence.

The fear of escalation comes in the shadow of a cease-fire agreed with Hamas last week after heavy rocket barrages and two days of fighting that claimed the lives of four Israeli civilians and wounded hundreds.

Earlier this week, the Qatari ruler entered the Gaza Strip and transferred $30 million to needy families, and Hamas expressed satisfaction.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)