43-Year-Old El Al Flight Attendant Infected with the Measles Dies


The 43-year-old El Al flight attendant who had contracted measles on a flight from New York to Israel in March, was unfortunately Niftar on Tuesday.

The El Al flight attendant had been hospitalized in serious condition Kfar Sava since being infected. She was comatose and doctors fought over the months to save her life but on Tuesday, she was niftar in the hospital.

When she arrived at Meir Hospital she was in an altered mental state and immediately admitted to an intensive care unit with the measles.

The 43-year-old woman had encephalitis, or inflammation of the brain, a well-known and potentially deadly complication of the measles virus. She was otherwise healthy before getting measles.

The flight attendant arrived in Tel Aviv on flight 002 from JFK Airport in NYC on March 26, 2019. It appears there was someone on the flight who infected her. After it became known that she had been infected, Israel’s Health Ministry alerted all patients on that flight to report to a doctor if they need to be vaccinated and/if they have symptoms of measles.

It is reported the flight attendant was partially vaccinated, only receiving the first of the two measles vaccinations.

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After her illness became known, El Al immediately began to have all its employees vaccinated.

A 10-year-old boy remains in a coma at Schneider Medical Center in Petah Tikva with suspected brain damage and is attached to a ventilator, after similarly contracting measles.

In November, an 18-month-old child in Yerushalyim was R”L Niftar of the disease. A month later, an 82-year-old woman became the second fatality.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. BDE. When flying recently, the flight attendants on several flights have mentioned that they always worried about catching a cold or the flu from passengers and that was their biggest concern. Now, sadly, they have more serious concerns in a world with considerably more dangerous health risks.

  2. those with blood on their hands will not stop. this is a hillul haShem regardless of what some apologists say. for a people as small as we are to make the national/international news so often is inexcusable. but don’t wait for expressions of regret but those who contributed to this disaster.

  3. There you have it. To all those nutjobs that dismiss the measles as harmless- maybe go try telling that to the family of this poor flight attendant! You people are רוצחים, people that are לא מן הישוב, you are selfish idiots and don’t care about people around you.

  4. Her family attorney has to obtain a manifest of passengers on the flights she was assigned to, and then demand vaccination records from these passengers, and any who were not vaccinated, sue them [or their parents in cases of little kids] to the fullest extent of the law:- Israeli law and the laws of the country they were flying from.

  5. Something is missing here… Isn’t there an incubation period for the measles? If it came out during one flight, she most likely contracted the illness on another flight several days or weeks earlier. Obtaining a manifest from that particular flight might highlight non-vaccinated individuals, but not the one(s) that made her sick.
    BD”E. Very sad. No one thinks of flight attendants as having a dangerous, potentially life threatening job…

    First a word for Kanaiamiti: Your genius comment seems to support imposing some dangerous ravs opinion upon my children. Why should I be forced to trust some heartless Rav that has no value for children’s health, safety, and life. Well, I wouldn’t rely on you if you were selling a used car, and surely not on your silly opinion regarding this serious life and death matter.
    My Rebbe long ago said: יְדֵ֗י נָשִׁים֙ רַחֲמָ֣נִיּ֔וֹת בִּשְּׁל֖וּ יַלְדֵיהֶ֑ן הָי֤וּ לְבָרוֹת֙ לָ֔מוֹ בְּשֶׁ֖בֶר בַּת־עַמִּֽי׃
    “With their own hands, tenderhearted women Have cooked their children; Such became their fare, In the disaster of my poor people.” (Quoted from Eicha Chap. 4 verse 10)
    I believe these Holy words also include the none-tenderhearted mothers that refuse to vaccinate their children. Such mothers are wicked child abusers. Let’s call them out for what they are. I’ll repeat it, they are wicked child abusers that don’t deserve custody of children.
    Now, to end the epidemic, I believe that the local health departments need to be empowered to remove the unvaccinated children from their abusive mothers and place the children in foster care. That will solve the measels epidemic once and for all. And those abusive mothers that have no concern for the safe health of their children and health of other children in the neighborhood should pick up and move to Guatemala where they will be welcomed with open arms by the Lev Tohar cult of crazies.

  7. I posted the following on a different website; I’m repeating it here with some added points:

    Regardless of your views on vaccination, the issue right now is that we are in the midst of a MEASLES OUTBREAK. Those who continue not to vaccinate healthy children, damage the condition of HERD IMMUNITY, thus participating in the highly increased RISK of an outbreak occurring in the first place. A measles outbreak puts anyone who is not immune, due to any number of reasons, at risk for contracting measles.

    If you do not yet understand what HERD IMMUNITY is, LOOK IT UP. You need to google herd immunity with graphic images and diagrams of how it works. There is an excellent demonstration at the website of The Guardian.

    Your personal choices DO AFFECT others. It doesn’t matter who she caught it from, or whether she’s part of a small percentage of people who do not know that they are not immune. If there was no measles outbreak, she would likely have not gotten sick. All the “innocent” cases of measles that are “no big deal” contribute to a widespread outbreak with real victims.

    “Lo saamod al dam re’acha”!

    If you still can’t understand the concept of HERD IMMUNITY, by all means, find someone to explain it to you!

  8. This is so tragic, so unbelievably avoidable, and so disturbing. The crazy anti-vaxxers should be left on an island alone and catch everything among themselves, and kill themselves off. Every single stupid answer to ignoring standard medicine falls short when people start dying. Honestly, if there’s a gezeirah from Shomayim that someone has to die from measles, let it be one of their kids, they’re rodfim and rotzchim anyways; let them have a taste of their own medicine, pardon the pun.

  9. she was vaccinated.
    any one who was vaccinated as a child doesnt go back to get more usually
    so what does that mean that the vaccine doesnt work?
    maybe its better to get it as a child and then be vaccinated for life?


    There is a simple solution to ending the terrible epidemic; see my comment above. Write your city council member demand what I wrote in my previous comment. Also, the airlines need to begin demanding that passengers carry proof of vaccination or not be allowed on aircraft. Tha same should be required of the bus and subway lines. Passengers should be spot checked for vaccination cards. Violators should be forced to vaccinate or be imprisoned in a quarantined jail cell. If they are found to be abusive parents refusing to vaccinate their children then forcefully remove the children, place them in foster care and have them vaccinated there
    The child abusive mothers and fathers should be permitted visitation behind a glass wall, and only if they too are vaccinated. It is mostly very evil abusive mothers that are causing all of us and our children to be in danger. These mothers are cruel and wicked and deserve to be locked up.