Ponavezh Rosh Yeshiva Slams Attackers of Chareidi Soldiers; Calls On Eidah Chareidis To Condemn Them


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eidPonevezh Rosh Yeshiva HaGaon HaRav Gershon Edelstein Shlita commented on the recent attack against a chareidi soldier in Meah Shearim. The rosh yeshiva feels the attack must be condemned by rabbonim from the Eida Chareidis.

The rav adds that the attackers “caused great harm to the Torah world,” adding the attackers are not just “thugs, but fools”.

Rabbi Edelstein expressed surprise that the actions of the zealots have not yet been condemned by rabbonim shlita of the Eida Chareidis, for he feels the actions are unacceptable and must be condemned by the leaders of the tzibur.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Now it gets interesting.

    The Eidah Chareidis is unlikely to be commanding those who attack the soldiers. However those who do attack them, and this appears to be not a small “extremist group” but a broader grassroots movement, are more likely to listen to the Eidah than to anyone else.

    However the soldiers who are attacked are very unlikely to ever have been connected with Eidah Chareidis. They are all from pro-zionist groups (who had supported the medinah, taken money from the medinah, encourage “drop outs” to go to the army, etc.). Those complaining to the Eidah Chareidis are those who collaborated with the zionist, and were stabbed in the back by their former “friends” (they really should have paid more attention to Pirke Avos warning about the government). The Eidah Chareidis might find it in their interests to let them “stew in their own juices” – and therefore say nothing.

  2. UJM. Wow, so now this is a Machloket HaPoskim? Your intelligence and common sense simply stop working and you say that we simply have to “respect” Rav Edelstein’s position?

  3. The effects of attacks against frum soldiers is taking its toll in NY.
    The Mishpacha forum in Flatbush about the ‘Crisis in Israel’ had a very diverse group and many who verbalized that we are not Israeli Chardeim or even supporters.. (We want and do get along with our frum neighbors, we do not spit, attack or yell names at those who use the Flatbush eruv, or dress differently or work or go to college or who listen to non-Jewish music) Pockets are being shut toward “Charedi looking” fundraisers and questions are being asked. Where do you stand? and what are your actions toward the IDF, government or others who follow differently than you?
    These ramifications will worsen as the behavior in Israel against frum soldiers intensifies.

  4. UJM: Eilu V’Eilu doesn’t mean they are both right! At the end of the day, you have to be Machria using your Sechel HaYashar. The Chazon Ish speaks about this at length in his letters. Rav Edelstein’s comments are the only ones a Sechel HaYashar can comprehend! Not just respect him…

  5. bklynmom : The ramifications will be quite great. Imagine a school where one group of students are collecting to help yeshiva students thrown into jail (for which Bennett and the religious zionists will be help responsible), while other students will be collecting for settlers who are disposed (with the collusion of hareidi parties – and certainly the hareidim will be quite inclined to support future removals in return for support on conscription). What happens when one group supports candidates whose appeal to Jewish voters is based on funding the IDF, and other Jews are supporting a candidate based on his promise to cut off foreign aid to the Israeli government?

    Bennett perhaps unknowingly has set off a firestorm, and is only now realizing it.

  6. #11 Story of life, where gevirim decide where their bucks will best accomplish the goals intended. It has been happening all the time and will continue.

  7. That comment was garbage
    In no way did reb aharon Leib or the eidah or reb veiss ever condone the beating of another Jew how can one think such a thing and in the 3weeks too
    That any godol should encourage sinas chinom is unimaginable
    Do we walk the streets assaulting modern orthodox gentlemen because of their diverse hashkafos NO! Hakol Kol yaakov, vehayodayim yedei eysov

  8. #13 blueprintsIIblocked: No one said any such thing. No one was attacked. No one was assaulted. No one was physical. Stop believing every garbage lie story you read in Ha’aretz and JPost.